“Every studied in the renowned Bright English Medium

time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a
beautiful thing.” A smile is beautiful whether it ranks A1 or A4 on the vita
shade guide, my goal is to make people smile. That generally means keeping a
strong and vibrant smile. In essence, that is what a good dentist does. He
attempts to preserve good teeth, and salvage damaged ones such that their patients’
smiles last strong and long.

Part of my interest in the field of
dentistry is attributable to the fact that I was born in the family of Medical
surroundings I always had an opportunity to relate with medical staff as well
as patients in an early stage of life. But it was much later on, when I saw my
grandmother, who got her all teeth extracted due to chronic gum diseases.
Abrupt amputation of teeth affected her smile, eating, speech and overall
health. But her prosthesis recouped her loss. This incidence cultivated in me
the immense interest for dentistry. To explore my interest, I volunteered as a dental
receptionist at Dr. Shah’s dental office. Dr. Shah introduced me to various
dental instruments and procedures, although, I was mainly an observer, I had
the opportunity to interact with the patients; I came in contact with a diverse
dental problems and dental needs. Thus at a very early age in my life I was
determined to pursue dentistry as my career.

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 To nurture my goal of being a
dentist, I always excelled in Academics in my school. I studied in the renowned
Bright English Medium School and got appreciable grades in high school which
helped me to get an admission in Dental School. I have completed my Bachelor’s
in Dental Surgery from K.M. Shah Dental College and Hospital which is
affiliated with the reputed Gujarat University and also accredited by Dental
Council of India. During my academics at dental school, I kept myself updated
to various advancements in the field of dentistry by being an active
participant of various conferences held throughout the country. I
have attended the Famdent Convention twice in 2005 and 2007. I have also been
an active participant in various Multidisciplinary symposiums on Oral Cancer,
Innovations in Conservative Dentistry, and Use of Implants in Orthodontia. I
have also been a part of The Workshop and Live Demonstration on Bio-Functional
Prosthetic System.  I have also attended
the All India Dental Students Conference conducted by Indian Dental Association
at Amritsar in November 2007.

Next, when it comes to volunteership and
community work, I have always been an active participant of it. I have
completed one year of rotational internship as a part of an academic curriculum
at K.M.Shah Dental College. I worked for 46 hours per week in my rotational
internship. The duties entitled to me were from prevention of diseases to
clinical examination, diagnosis and treatment planning. Furthermore, during the
posting of preventive and Community Dentistry, I was posted in the rural areas
nearby my town, where I had an opportunity to interact with lower socioeconomic
population and helped them with patient education, preventive and interceptive
treatment modalities.  Moreover, my
father being the member of Lions Club I have accompanied him in the cancer
screening camps organized by the Institution. Besides these, I have been
working part time at “Aesthetic Dental Clinic” in my town during the evening
hours approximately 18 hours per week. Besides Academics I have taken part in various compeering
activities. I was an eminent founding member of the “Twister” – The Three day
annual function of our college. I also played a cameo in the play.

Currently I am pursuing my Graduate studies
in Public Administration with Health Care as a major at Fairleigh Dickinson
University.  It helps me in enhancing my
health care knowledge with administrative skills. I have got a whole new idea
regarding the Health Care System in United States.

I am determined to pursue my higher
education in Dental field in University of California, as it is considered to
be one of the best with its dynamic curriculum, which would help me to achieve
my goals, and keep me abreast of the latest advances in the field of dentistry.
Moreover, I would like to be a part of
David. T Wong, The dean of Research program and fulfills its mission, to contribute to the knowledge
which is necessary to improve the oral health of the people of California, the
nation, and the world.

future goals lies in the serving the human population with the affordable
quality treatment with the innovations in the treatment procedures. Finally, I
would like to thank you to have looked at my statement of intent with patience
and regard. I assure you that my ability to communicate efficiently, zest for
seeking knowledge, use of creativity in the field I work upon and fervor for
research studies should be utilitarian in making the desired study at
University of California, Los Angeles, an interesting experience. I am young,
yet mature at 25; resilient; diligent; compassionate; resolute and committed to
my work. I strongly believe that these aspects of my personality, backed up by
my career aspirations, make me an excellent candidate for your program and this
application starts the inauguration of lasting relationship.



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