Every every man will live a shorter life

Every man, regardless of class and gender, if left unchecked, will succumb to greed and selfishness. This greed will make them more focused on themselves and will make them care little about their society. They will try to do what they feel is best for themselves and will thus engage in war, if necessary, with the other men of the society. A state of nature, is thus a state of war where every man thinks only of himself. He tries to find a way to fulfil his needs, be it leaving others’ fortunes to shambles. This need of his could extend to unrestrained height leading only to chaos and war. Now my idea of the state of nature could be challenged by classifying people in the classes of idiots or geniuses. I have nothing against the claim that people are idiots or fools compared to others, however, wisdom, smartness or intelligence don’t define who can kill and who cannot. Every human being is capable of killing every other. A combined force, with enough power could always suffice in overwhelming someone. It could turn the hunted into the hunters. If the “weaker” bunch of the society form an alliance even they can kill someone who his allegedly stronger or smarter than each of them.

                In a state of nature, every man will live a shorter life which will be filled with fear, agony and pain. Little happiness can be expected from our lives. The situation will be so terrible that people themselves will seek peace and the only way to achieve peace from the state of nature is the establishment of a commonwealth with the sovereign at the top. I consider the best form of government to be an absolute monarchy. No other type of government gives the sovereign enough authority to protect its citizens. The decisions made by the sovereign will be final and irrefutable. No one shall ever challenge the legitimacy of the sovereign. This form of government will be established using a social contract. I expect the people to mutually give away their freedom to the sovereign in return for their own safety.

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                In an absolute monarchy the sovereign will have the highest degree of power and authority which no one would be allowed to challenge or revolt against. Even though revolting would be strictly forbidden, people can choose to ignore the laws set by the king if they feel like their safety is being threatened. Although I recommend against this because the sovereign is only going to help prevent the state of war and protect your own civil rights, belongings and life. Also, if too many people choose to ignore, then society may enter the state of nature again.

                I believe that gender is not a deciding factor in the choosing of a sovereign leader. Every woman is just as capable to lead as is a man. If a woman is being ruled over then it must be done by her consent. In all I believe that everyone is equal under the law. Law is genderless so even a woman can be the sovereign.

                The church, in my opinion, should be under the sovereign because religion could also lead to a civil war. Where I agree that several of the sovereign’s decisions might be against the moral beliefs of the Church, I insist that people leave complete control to the sovereign. The sovereign’s decisions shall in no manner be disobeyed. In a condition of unrest between the church and sovereign, the people will have the decision of either obeying the sovereign or dying. The church and the politics must be united under one source with the sovereign in the highest position, having complete control over both.


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