Every cells? The bad things about the stem

Every person starts life the same with a sperm cell
fusing with an egg cell to create an embryo, as the embryo develops it divides creating
undifferentiated cells. Stem cells do not have any specific functions, but stem
cells can become any other cell in your body. Your body uses stem cells to
replace dead cells.

Stem cells
and Stragradt’s disease

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Stragradt’s disease is an
inherited disease passed by the parents passing a
gene to their child. While the
child is still in their mother’s stomach. This gene result in processing vitamin
A. Vitamin A is necessary for the
functionig of the light sensitive cells in the retina.
People with these disease will begin to lose sight in the first 20 years
and might go blind. Researchers have found a
methods for making embryonic stem cells develop
into retina cells which were injected into the eyes of mice in a
similar cndition. The cells attached to the retina and
resulted in improvements of sight.

What are the
good and bad things of treating disease with stem cells?

The bad things about the stem cells threaphy is that nowadays, not
alot of stem cells treatments are proven to be effective. Also
after the stem cell therapy you might have health problems. The stem cell therapy
could be very expensive. In most cases, the insurance company and the
government do not pay for the experimental treatments
you should also pay for travelling to the country if needed.

The same stem cell therapy is
unlikely to work on diffrent disease or condition, because stem
cells are specific in certain tissues cannot produce cells found in other
tissues withour careful operation in the laboratory,
it is almost impossible that the same stem cell therapy
will work for disease affecting diffrent tissues and organs within the body. Scientist
have found a way  to make some
specialized cell types through a through a multi-step process using
pluripotent stem cells, that is embryonic stem cells or induced pluripotent  stem cells.  This cells have the opportunity to
make any diffrent cell types in the
body. Embryonic stem cells and IPS cells are not good to be
used directly as treatments as they claim careful instructions to become
specific cells regenrated disease or damaged tissues. If those stem cells are
not properly controlled they might over-grow and turn into
a tumor.

The more you know about your disease or sickness the
better you are to identify your therapy. For example
if someone has a certain blood cancer changing the the cells with blood-forming
 stem cells is the right thing to do,
because those stem cell do what exactly what they should do. If you have
diabeties, receiving a blood-forming stem cell is not right,
because the problem is in the pancreas and is not in the

When cells are removed from your own body
there is a risk that they might be contaminated with viruses,
diseases or bacteria. Manipulation of cells by a clinic may interfere
to their normal function.  Sometimes
something could go wrong and they could put the stem cell in to the wrong

The good things about the
stem cells therapy. That new drugs can be tested on stem cells
before testing the them on humans or animals. For example cancer cell line can
be created to test an anti tumor drug.  This
test can provide very accurate results and later this
drug can help people.

Also instead of a donor donating a tissues stem cells
can create a new healthy tissue.  This is
very similar to the therapy that is used nowadays
bone marrow transplants. It is when stem cells create different specialized
blood cells.   

In my opinion Stem cells Theraphy can
help people a lot and people might create medicine that
will cure cancer and any other diesease in te future .


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