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Ethics is the guideline for showing people what ought to be done and what ought not to be done. Morality and ethics looks like each other but in context they are different. Morality shows judgement of our options, opinions and choices. However, ethics describes verification of those morality concepts. Ethics is not only the branch of study, but also is an important part of philosophy in order to show main aspects beyond of it. Ethics is very controversial term and can be defined very different for each person.Everyday ethics involves looking at specific ethical procedures in our daily lives, in different location such as, home, school, workplace, street and so on. All of these places have its own ethical jargons and it is required to obey these in order to show our high quality on ethical behavior. Everyday ethics concept engages focus on relationship between different people on various jobs. Teacher and student in school, employee and employer in work, relationships between family members – all these involves looking ethics from each parties’ sides. Employee can say himself if I were employer how I would treat with my workers or boss can put himself into someone’s shoes and say if I were employee how I would approach and make a contact with workers. Everyday ethics helps us to analyze this challenge and optimize situation for each side. In society people accept some regulations among each other that we call them unwritten rules. We know written rules as court reports, governmental regulations, crime reports, constitution, and other government documents. But unwritten rules balance our connections with the other members of society and give us signal whether this act is appropriate or not.Everyday ethics ease process for expressing our feelings, emotions when we interact with other people. It shows when and how we need apologize for our wrong actions, when we need to give credit, when and how we need to create right ambience in order to exchange opinions. Simply person slowly understands what is good act and what is bad act according to unwritten rules.In this article we try to cover all aspects of everyday ethics and how it affects people relationships with others. We will attempt to give real life examples in order to support our opinions and thoughts. Then we will use everyday ethics for applying it specific social areas.


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