Time line 1766 America independence 1819 Mexico independence from Spain. 1846 The U. S. Mexico war begins 1848 The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo brings the U. S. Mexico war end and the U. S. -Mexico border is created. 1853 After the Gadsden Purchase, the US-Mexico border was completed 1910 Mexican Revolution begins, also thousands of Mexicans across the border to America for safety. 1913 Mexican President Francisco Madero is killed and Victoriano Huerta earns power. 1914 9 American soldiers are killed by Heurta’s army then Heurta resigns. 916 America force Mexican to across the border in pursuit of the guerrilla and chasing Pancho Villa. 1917 For ensuring permanent democracy, Mexico adopts a new constitution. 1929 The National Revolutionary Party is formed 1938 Mexican President Lazaro Cardenas nationalized the oil industry. 1939 World War II begins. 1944 Mexico agrees to pay American oil companies $24 million 1946 The National Revolutionary Party is re-named the institutional Recolutionary Party, or PRI. 994 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) influenced the massive increases in border populations occur because of the treaty. 1994-1996Due to illegal immigrants are increasing in America, U. S begins a new law to firm the border security in 1994 and granting power to local law enforcement in border states to uphold immigration laws in 1996 1997 The U. S. -Mexico Border Infectious Disease Surveillance Project (BIDS Projects) is adopted. 2000 Vicente Fox becomes President of Mexico and announces that Mexico will work with America about immigration policy. 002 President Bush visits Monterrey, Mexico also begins Border Partnership. 2003 The Department of Homeland Security is created 2009 President Obama stars focus on what has been framed in US. -Mexico Border.


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