Stress Management: Stress in our Daily Life

Stress should be eliminated from daily life Modern life brings both advantages and disadvantages for human. It makes our life become more convenient and comfortable but there are many disadvantages such as overpopulation, pollution, social evils and diseases. We generally use the word stress when we feel that everything seems to have become too much, we are overloaded and wonder whether we really can cope with the pressures placed upon us. Nowadays, stress is a popular phenomenon, and the effects of it on human’s life are serious.Therefore, stress should be eliminated from daily life because it can effect to our health, our work and our relationship. First, stress is a fearful pathology that can influence to our health. One considerable effect of stress is that it can make human’s health get worse. This is physical effect of stress. Stress can cause some symptoms of asthma and chronic obstructive diseases (Luise. C, 2012). Stress causes our immune system to become weakening. A simple cold can become the flu or a lung infection with a stress person.In addition, stress can cause sleep problems and tiredness, which can go on to produce mood swings and hot temper. Stress also has a big effect on how our internal organs work. For example, the heart beats faster and the blood pressure increases during a stressful period. 77% of the American have these physical symtoms (APA study, 2007). Psychological or emotional effects of stress also have an effect on us in bad ways. We lose interest in our daily activities because of stress. We are not able to focus on one thing.Other psychological effect of stress is losing power of discrimination. Our mind stops working correctly and we are not able to decide what is good and what is bad. 73% of the American experienced these psychological symptoms and about haft of American (48%) feel that their stress has increased over the past five years (APA study, 2007). Another damage of stress is the decreasing our work’s result. And the consequence is low work quality. Peple who work under stress is hard to focus on their work, they seem to be easy to lose their temper and become irritable.Also, dynamic staffs may become apathetic in their work because the staffs get tired and depressed to work; the work productivity reduces remarkable. As an employee’s stress levels increase,their health may not deteriorate to a clinical state,but they may instead resign before that point (Kali. M, 2002). The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75% to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related issues and up to 80% of on-the-job accidents and injuries are stress-related (American Institude of stress, 2013).In addition, stress make students get unexpected academic performances. The stress sufferers are not able to pay attention to the lesson at school as well as at home. So, getting high mark is very difficult to them. Finally, stress can reduce our family relationship and affect our social relationship greatly. Stress also effects on family life. When you are stressful, it makes you feel cranky and unable to deal with even small problems as housework, or taking care of children. Sometimes, it makes you feel frustrated, lose your temper more often, and yell at others for no reason.Since then, relationship between members in family is reduced. Family distress causes problems in the relationship between adults that are, in turn, linked to less effective parenting – a complex notion that involves insufficient surveillance, lack of control over the child’s behavior, lack of warmth and support, inconsistency, and displays of aggression or hostility by parents or older siblings (McClelland, 1994). Besides that, stress effects on community life. Actually, when you have stress, your brain is always passive; everything seems to be terrible, and everything you have done is meaningless.You do not want to communicate with anyone even though they are your best friends, relatives, and neighbors and so on. This will be very dangerous because you may get depression. In conclusion, as these harms show, stress should be eliminated. First, our health will be badly effected by stress. Furthermore, lacking of health because of stress also effect on our work’s quality. Finally, stress make our relationship become worse and worse. Therefore, stress should be eliminated from daily life because it can affect to our health, work and relationships and we. Each of us should have a healthy life style so we can avoid stress.References Louise. C. (2012, March 7) stress and asthma. Retrieved March 7, 2012 from http://www. webmd. com/asthma/guide/stress-asthmaAmerican Psychological Association study, 2007. Kalia,M. (2002),Asssessing the Economic Impact of stress:The mofern day Hidden Epidemic,Metabolism,Jun 2002,51,pp49-53. American Institude of stress. Cause, effect and prevention of stress in the Workplace Accessed 5 May, 2013 from http://www. workplace-wellness-massage. com/stress-in-the-workplace. htmlMcClelland, A(2000) Impact of poverty on children, Brotherhood Comment, Brotherhood of St. Law, Australia, 1994. |


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