Service Learning

We had our Service Learning at Barangay Onyx in the city of Manila. We were required to have 8 hours in doing our Service Learning. In this service learning I’ve learned a lot, experience new things, and realize that I can do things that I didn’t think that I can do it. The clean-up drive’s mission is to clean the neighborhood or the whole barangay. One of our objectives is that the community (barangay) will have a clean place to live in because technically that is the main purpose of us cleaning their community. The community that we selected must not know that we are students of St.Scholastica’s College manila. We are just there to clean the community and help them by doing the one that we chose to do which is the clean-up drive. In our 1st day there was unexpected incident that happened it was when the cleaning equipment’s were not enough for the seven of us. So, we decided to buy there in the nearest market that we can go. It was nice to see the seven of us help each other out in cleaning the community because that is the only time that you can all of us working hard to helping out the community to have a clean environment.We mean of having a clean environment is to lessen the trash that is caused also by us the human beings. We must learned to do what is morally good that can benefit many people like throwing our own trashes in the right places the trash bins and not just throw it anywhere it may cause pollution to us and it may block drainage that may cause floods. We must think before we take actions because we must live in doing what is morally good and we human beings must act accordingly based on the concept on what it is to be a human being.In doing the service learning, we may experience hardships at first but when you realize that you’ve helped out a lot of people because of what you’ve done you’ll feel this “self-fulfillment” that we are talking about in our Philosophy class. As I’m doing this paper I will relate some of my learning and realizations in our service learning to the topics that we discussed in our Philosophy class. In relation to our Philosophy subject, there were some topics that I can relate with our service learning like Karol Wojtyla’s concept of the person; it discusses the morally good action of the person that would lead into his/her self-fulfillment.Just like in doing our service learning we decided that we will be doing a clean-up drive in a barangay. In our first day we had four hours clean up drive in the barangay and the following week after that day we had another 4 hours of clean up drive to get 8 hours of doing the service. When we finished that 8 hours of required hours and when we saw the results of us cleaning the community, which was a clean community. We had a feeling of self-fulfillment that we realized and learned that we helped a community and we can really do something for others. Another is the moment of Efficacy, it discuss about “action proper to man”.It explains that, a man should act to what is proper for a human being and not act as an animal or do something that is not appropriate for a man. Just like in our clean up drive, we should act properly as a human being. We should clean the neighborhood and do our task properly with no pretentions and do it with a pure heart. We should do it with our own will and intellect. We should follow first our intellect and followed by our will. The primary and secondary reflections, we are students of St. Scholastica’s College so people think of us that we will not do such a thing like a clean-up drive.Some people look us only in our physical appearances, based on what school we are in. But they now I proved that they were all wrong because we experienced to really clean the whole neighborhood and there they can really say that we are not that they are thinking of us. Service learning is a good way of experiencing something new and learning something that school will not teach us that only based on our experiences we learned something new within us. This I’ve already experienced and learned a lot. It may be tiring but at the end of the day you’ll realize that you helped a community to have a clean and nice environment to live in.


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