Microsoft Outlook Interface

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is an effective and helpful personal the personal information manager. It is commonly used to help organize work and connect for personal. Outlook is very versatile and can be installed on a work PC, a home PC, and on a smart phone. It functions as an email which can stand-alone but also works with Microsoft Exchange Server. This provides access to other helpful features. Outlook is a simple program that is easy to learn and use.There are simple instructions and buttons that provide quick learning and easy navigation. The most predominant features include: email, calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, a journal, and web browsing. They are clearly titled and easy to use. Outlook has signals to respond to the actions that the user has commanded it to do. When you put your Auto: out of the office, a bar appears at the top telling the user the out of the office is on. When you send an email it goes directly into the sent folder or lets you know in seconds if a problem has occurred.Alerts and reminders pop up for calendar events and tasks. This interface consistently gives updates to the user making them aware of upcoming events and schedule changes. For example, if the memory is getting full it lets the user know with plenty of time to not lose any work. Microsoft Outlook is not only a user friendly interface but it also interacts well with other servers. It can work with the exchange server and SharePoint allowing for multiple users to share mailboxes and calendars.This is helpful when meetings are being organized and deadlines must be met with in the organization. Additionally, third party add on applications are integrated to the interface making it easy to do all that needs to be accomplished through a smart phone or even a Skype internet connection. Outlook is able to pull from outside emails such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and school accounts, bringing all the information that is needed to one central area saving time and creating an information focal point. Some fun features are also available on Outlook.If you have a Facebook email linked, your contact is loaded and displayed with the Facebook profile picture, and you can also override this feature and insert your own picture or avatar of choice. Due to the many advancements and new ideas in the ever changing technology world, many Microsoft Outlooks have been created. Each one has more features and better appearances. When a user updates the new version there is a getting started tab. Sometimes this does get a little overwhelming at first if there has been a lot added to the previous version.Once the user learns the new tools it seems to be just as satisfying. It is recommended that with an update the user allows them self to get familiarize them again with the interface. There are many good interfaces available, but in an office setting where it is necessary to create meetings over multiple schedules, Microsoft Outlook is very efficient. Since all the tools provide speak to one another, everything is integrated very smoothly. This helps create a more organized and effective work and home environment.


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