Matthew Brady

Mathew Brady was born in Warren County New York in 1823 . When Mathew was 16 his job was to manufacture jewelry cases . In spare time he took painting lessons from William page,a famous painter . He and Page moved ,and there he met Samuel Morse (the man who invented photography) . He took lessons from him and found he had a natural talent for photography. In 1844 he got his first studio wich was actually some empty rooms above a store . His business was very successful and he got a studio in Washington D. C.. There he started the American Project .The American Project is a contest of taking pictures of famous people. Mathew won tons of awards for his photos. He was one of the first people to use sky light as part of photography equipment. Later he produced a type of photography called daguerreotype . Mathew started to go blind so his chief assistant was put in charge. When the Civil War started Mathew sent out 100 camera men . He provided them with their own dark rooms so they could get the collidion plates on the spot . Mathew didn’t take many pictures ,he mostly supervised .Although he didn’t take many pictures his camera men took thousands . Brady’s pictures provided the only visual record in the Civil War. After the Civil War Mathew spent $100,000 on a collection of his photographs . He thought lots of people would buy it but nobody did. He was in serious debt . Even after he sold pictures worth $25,000 he remained deeply in debt. He died with no friends or family on January 15,1896. Mathew Brady demonstrated that pictures could be more than posed portraits. MATHEW BRADY’S LIFE


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