Managed Care

What is the problem or issues that necessitates that such an article be written? In this article, the problem and issues that were used to write this article is that America’s entire delivery system needs to change, lowering cost providers and venues. This article was written in hopes to change our health care delivery system to make it not only cheaper, but find better ways to manage our health eventually to where patients are responsible for their own health care.The author’s of this article are trying to find better ways to help our health care system by ways of technology and the hopes that providers will allow disruptive innovations be made by disruptive businesses by competing and taking shares of the health care load we have today. What strategies or techniques are used to solve the problem or address the issue? RETAIL CLINICS These clinics operate outside conventional physicians’ offices. The technology that is used for these clinics are electronic medical records (EMR).EMR’s is a faster way for physicians to put in their orders entries and sometimes e-prescribing applications. Retail clinics save patients money because with this, visits are for minor conditions from conjunctivitis, ear infections as well as bronchitis. These types of clinics will save time and money. TELEMEDICINE With telemedicine, care is delivered to patients through network bandwidth, internet access, software development, medical devices, advanced telephony, and video conference delivered to patients often at home.This type of technology also saves time and money for both patients and providers. This form of technology in the health care system will aid in rural district areas where the nearest hospital or physicians’ offices is 250 miles out or for elders who are not mobile. Although this may seem great for our health care industry, there are still several concerns with this technique; misuse on the patients part, lack of security sending and receiving information as well as breach of confidentiality. MEDICAL TOURISM Medical tourism is traveling outside of the U.S to get treatments and care mostly for elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery, dental work, and surgeries like heart valve, knee, and hip replacements in other countries. This to most patients seems like a deal because most elective procedures are cheaper outside the U. S. PERSONALIZED MEDICINE The technology used in personalized medicine help create specialized drugs targeted perfectly to affect small populations. This personalizes medicine for each individual based on their genetic tests allowing them to see which patients will benefit. POINT-OF-CARE PAYMENTSThe technology method in this is allowing patients to pay for their complete medical bill as soon as they are done seeing the doctor instantly. This is geared towards the medical payment system as to actual managed care. This will not only ensure payment is made quick, but will cut costs of billing and man hours of repetitious billing being sent out to patients. Conclusion and Recommendation In conclusion, these five types of managed care technologies that are being looked into, created, revised and put out there for our health care system, can either make our system better or make it worse.My recommendations would be to take things slow and not rush to try these new gadgets until we know for sure that implementing them will help our managed care system. Our number one priority is patient care and how we can better our managed care system to ensure fast delivery of care to those in need. Assessment My assessment of these methods is that some can work and some may not. I enjoy the idea of how technology making our lives easier because we are now in a world of technology and making things easier and much simpler for ourselves these days.Technology has already taken over many of our daily living, and these will only help in making them better. This change in our managed health care system will prove to be worth it in the long run. I know programs will be developed to make everything that much better. References Glabman, M. (n. d. ). Disruptive innovations that will change your life in health care. (2009). Kongstvedt, P. (2007). Essentials of managed health care and study guide. (5th ed. , p. 23).


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