Longer Weekend

A plentiful amount schools in the U. S. are beginning to consider bringing forth school four days a week rather than the usual five days. However, classes will be in session more hours per day. By doing this the schools will conserve money, have more instruction time per class, and longer weekends. First of all, the schools will preserve loads of money, as well as those who drive to school. They will have one less day of transportation because people aren’t in school for that one extra day.The schools will also have much lower electric bills because the lights are off for another day. Also, if the school is under construction, there will be more time to complete it because there aren’t kids in the hardhat area. Not only that, but the janitors will have more time to tidy up the school while the kids aren’t in there to create a safer and cleaner learning environment. Secondly, having longer days means more time per class period. Lots of kids aren’t passing because they need more instruction time.Giving more time per class period gives the teachers time to explain tough material to students who are behind. The students will better understand the material being taught. Some lessons can last for more than a day, like reading a novel. The students will better understand what they are reading if they do it all in one day than if they have to pick up where they left off the day before. Longer school days and less days in school will lead to a better education for students, there may even be less homework because the students use the extra time given in class to complete it.Plus, the school day also will last until almost dinner time, so the students will go home right after school. They won’t be out on the streets getting in trouble in the time period between school ending and dinner. Yet another reason to say yes to longer school days four days a week is the longer weekends. While schoolwork is obviously incredibly important, so is time off. Most kids need time to relax, they are busier in todays world than ever. They have homework, practices, and projects to work on.Some even have jobs, by the time the weekend is over, the students haven’t had any time for themselves. Schools should be open four days a week and have longer days because the schools will save money, by having more time per class a more quality education will be provided for the students, and the longer weekends will give the kids time to relax after long week. Agreeing with this idea is beneficial to your childs education. Adding school hours and reducing the amount of hours per school makes more time for academic pursuits.


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