Jem & Scout Tkm

Have you ever noticed how Scout and Jem are so alike, but then the next thing you know they’re at each other’s throats? In the book, “To kill a Mocking Bird,” by Harper Lee, Scout and Jem Finch are brother and sister who have only Atticus Finch their father to look after them. Since Scout never knew her or remembered her mother, she turned more and more like Jem and Atticus every day. Along with being alike are their differences which bring small arguments and fights. Scout and Jem are alike in many ways.One similarity is that Scout and Jem are both interested in the same activities. Scout and Jem both like to shoot their guns and also, if Jem goes out at night you can bet that scout will be there too. They also don’t like their aunt Alexandra. Both don’t like her because she makes scout dress like up and makes Jem do things for her. Of all similarities, Scout and Jem are most interested in Boo Radley the most because Boo is an unseen person in town and has many rumors about him which is the main reason why Scout and Jem find the Radley house interesting.Although you may think Scout and Jem are exactly alike, they also have many flaws. One variation between the two is that they each have different tolerance levels of which they can take insults. As Jem would take strong words and powerful threats to get him going, Scout would be starting a fight over why another kid didn’t explain why he can’t accept the teacher’s money. Another deviation between Scout and Jem is that ever since Jem has been getting older he has been by himself and will seldom participate in activities with Scout.The last difference between the two is the type of personality they have. Since Scout is more adventurous and outgoing which she portrayed in the book, Jem is the complete opposite of that and is well aware of his surroundings. Jem showed this while walking back from the pageant with Scout and noticing Mr. Ewells footsteps behind them. All in all, Scout and Jem have many similarities and differences in personalities, such as their similar activities and having different levels of tolerance at which they can handle insults and teasing.


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