Humanities 101 Learning Activity 8

It is hard to imagine going back in time 500 years ago, however, I’m sure how so many 500 years ago from right now felt too, hard to imagine, right? There is so much that has changed in the last 500 years, it is nearly impossible to imagine what life was like there on the ground floor of 2013. They say that hindsight is 20-20, and I think that a couple words that would describe the current age would be hedonism and selfishness. 2013 was time where people wanted to do whatever pleased them most without any consequences.They cared less about other people than they did the environment and protecting their own feelings from every little thing. It was a time when everyone felt as though they either were or should’ve been an exception to the rule, which rule? Basically any and all of them. It had become a very partisan time, and those who didn’t fit into the liberal mold were cast aside, ridiculed and thusly their integrity was stripped from them unduly. It was a time where up was down and down was up, people were venerated for bad behavior and those who chose to do the right things were treated like criminals.Everyone wanted to take from the system and upon receiving it would turn around and bite the hand that fed them. People are wanting more and more from their government and giving less and less back to it. This is becoming dangerous close to a serious financial breakdown. This was a time of entitlement; so many people seemed to feel that they were due something from just about everyone regardless of whether or not they deserved it, or earned it. This is just perspective from a humble historians opinion, but 2013 was definitely backwards in time. Word Count #305


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