Cricket and Olympic Games

Which sport is played on the largest pitch? A: polo 2. Which sports playing area is 2. 7 meters by 1. 5 meters? A: table tennis 3. James Naismith invented which sport? A: basket ball 4. What does FIFA stand for? A: Federation Internationale de Football Association 5. Name the IPL Team which Defeated Chennai Super Kings in Final to Lift its First IPL Trophy by winning the IPL Season 6 A:  Mumbai Indians 6. Muhammad Ali retired from boxing in 1981, what was his career record? A: 55 WINS,5 DEFEATS 7. The Olympic Games were not held during which three years, for what reason?A: 1916,1940,14944 … world war I and II 8. What three nations were the original members of the “Imperial Cricket Council”, now known as the International Cricket Council? A: England, Australia, South Africa 9. The game of basketball was created in 1891 by whom? A: Dr. James Naismith 10. In what year were women first allowed to participate in the modern Olympic games? A: 1900 at Paris Olympics 11:Who recently created 15 sixes record in ODI series? A: Shane Watson 12:In which city the Asian Athletic Championship held from 3 to 7 July 2013 as declared by Maharashtra on 13 June 2013.A: Pune What does the abbreviation ‘st’ stand for? A: stumped 13: How many stumps are there on a set of wickets? A: three 14: Can a Test Match end in a tie? A: yes 15:  In LBW what does the B stand for? A: before 16: What sport is played at Wimbledon? A: Tennis 17: In which city were the 2000 Summer Olympic Games held? A:Sydney 18: What country does the soccer player Wayne Rooney come from? A: England 19: In which sport was Muhammad Ali the world champion? A: Boxing 20:  A typical golf course features how many holes? A: 18 21: Olympics games are organized aftera gap of how many years?A: four years 22: with which game is double fault associated? A: football 23: who has become the first Indian to score a triple century in tests? A: Virender Sehwag 24: merdeka cup is associated with ? A: football 25: the first one day cricket world cup tournament was held in? A: England 26: what is the full form of ICC? A: international cricket council 27: In soccer, which player is allowed to use his or her hands in the field of play? A: goalkeeper 28: How many balls are on a snooker table at the start of a game? A:22 29:   In boxing, what do the letters K. O. stand for? A: Knock Out 0: How many rings are there in the Olympic Games symbol? A: 5 31: what do you use to hit a ball in golf? A: a club 32: what is the name of a person that controls a football match? A: a referee 33:which of the given team was not in the semi-final of T20 World Cup 2012 ? A: South Africa 34: which player scored highest total runs in T20 World Cup 2012 ? A: Shane Watson 35: which country won the first FIFA world cup held in1930? A: Uruguay 36: how many pockets does a snooker table have? A: six 37: Name the International Cricket Team with which India Lost the Series by 2-1 after it won the last match by 10 runs on 6th January 2013.A: Pakistan 38: Name the Argentine footballer who won FIFA Ballond’Or Award on 7 January 2013 as a reward to his 91-goal in a year for Barcelona and Argentina, in the year 2012. A: Lionel Messi 39: which is the global governing body for the sport of field hockey ? A: International Hockey Federation(FIH) 40: What is the another name of ATHLETICS A: track and field 41: what was the Official Song for 2010 FIFA World Cup ? A: waka waka 42: Name the IPL team from which the three cricketers Shreesanth, Ajit Chadila and Ankeet Chavan arrested by Special Cell of Delhi Police belong?A: Rajasthan Royals 43: Name the Legendary Footballer and Former England captain who on 16 May 2013 announced his retirement from professional football and gave an end to his illustrious career of more than two decades. A: David Beckham 43: Who did Chelsea defeat in the UEFA Champions League final in May? A: Bayern Munich. 44: who hit six sixes in an over of stuart broad in a match against England in twenty20 worldcup 2007 A: yuvraj singh 45: the first asian games were held in which country? A: India


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