Chilean Mines

On August 5, 2010, a main access tunnel of a mine in Chile, owned by Compania Minera San Esteban Primera, collapsed and trapped 33 miners. There are very serious risks when it comes to mining and the control of those risks determines the safety of the miners. Crucial Considerations and the Audience When you have a tragic situation like this, there are so many people who are affected which include the families of the miners and their co-workers.The miner’s families as well as the co-workers are obviously close to them will be saddened and troubled so they are going to be extremely sensitive by the event. Dealing with this type of audience, it is imperative that you pay attention to how you word the intended information, watch your tone when you are making an announcement concerning all involved and consider your audiences emotions and their concerns. Potential Needs of the Families of the Miners It would be terribly difficult knowing that I had a family member who was trapped in a mine and there was nothing I could do about it.I would want to know every detail possible about the incident and if everything was being done to rescue these poor individuals. It is imperative that as family members, we understand what caused the incident, which miners were involved, if any perished, is there a way to contact them and to keep us informed of any new occurrences. Above all else, I feel it is important to be honest and to not leave out any details. The sooner what is known is easier to deal with. Potential Needs of the Miner’s Co-Workers As an employee who works for the mines, you understand the risk that is involved.It is important to deliver such news in a professional and appropriate manner; not to mention, reassure the other employees they are not in any danger when they return to work. It is also important to treat the co-workers as family members because in a sense, this is their home away from home. They wish to know all that is going on. Actions that are taken before and after the Message is delivered In a situation such as this, I feel it is best that you understand who your audience is before any message is delivered. To me, a prepared statement should be given both in person and through the media.Speaking to the people face-to-face lets the family members and the co-workers know that they matter and the trapped miners are important enough to meet with these individuals. Giving a statement through the media lets others know that they are doing all that they can to make sure these miners are rescued safely and keeps family members that are not in the area caught up in the latest developments. To the Families (through media) Today, at 2:00pm, a tragedy occurred in one our mines. From what we know, the mine has collapsed due to a rock failure and there are 33 miners that are trapped approximately 2000 feet below.At this time, our rescue operation is in progress and they are drilling boreholes to pinpoint the precise location of your family and co-workers. Unfortunately, we have not confirmed their exact location, and we are asking everyone to please be patient with us as we do everything in our power to locate the miners. Once it is determined where they are positioned, the necessary water and food, as well as medicine will be sent down to them. We are fully aware that this is very difficult time for everyone but please understand that we are doing all that is necessary to bring these miners out safely.We are confident they will all be rescued and returned to us safe and sound. We will keep everyone posted as information becomes available to us. If you have any questions about updates or concerns, we have set up a hotline for you to call. That number is 11-56-555-5454. To the Co-workers (face-to-face) As all of you are aware, a tragedy has happened within our company. At approximately 2:00pm today, one of our mines collapsed due to a rock failure and 33 of our men are trapped about 2000 feet below. Rescue operations are in the process of digging boreholes to find the exact location of our men so e can get food, water and the necessary medical supplies to them. We want to ensure you that all is being done to bring them out safely and in time. Please know that all mines are currently being checked to make certain they are secure before anyone returns to work. We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone, and we will keep everyone informed on all updates. Please be patient as we all get through this tough time.


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