American Experience of the Vietnam War

Military strategy is a collective name for planning the conduct of warfare. (Wikipedia) Military tactics can be described as the science and art of organizing a military force, and the techniques for using weapons or military units in combination for engaging and defeating an enemy in battle. (Wikipedia). Tactics and Strategy are often confused. Tactics are the actual means used to obtain a goal. Strategy is the overall plan to reach the goal.Logistics is the management of the items from one point to another to complete the goal. Some of the items included in logistics can be food, materials, equipment, liquids, and personnel. Although, everyone has their own leadership style, you need all three (tactics, strategy and logistics) to be successful. In my current position as an appeals nurse, I believe I am a strategic thinker. I am the only nurse in the hospital that is responsible for the appeals process for medical necessity.However, I have been placed in the position to oversee all of the denials for the hospital. I have created policies and procedures for the pre-cert department along with check off sheets to assure denials are not missed. I also assist the other departments in completing their denials. I monitor their denials and let them know when there are any denials that need to be worked within a time limit. I have conducted training with the hospital and physician coders regarding how to complete their denials.Additional website training has also helped the other departments with understanding their denials. I enjoy the planning of how things need to be done to complete a process. This is also the case in my personal life. I will be changing my career in the future. I have been working as a nurse for 25 years but I want to change to a career that I can do well into my later years of life. I am a licensed real estate agent and I will go back to selling real estate in the near future full time. I have started planning my job change for months.I understand the initial funding requirement for signs, fees, etc. Over the past several months I have put money away for all of the expenses that will be needed up front, before I quit my full time job. I also have chosen to go part time in my current job instead of quitting all together so that I have an income coming in. I realize that even if I initially sell a house it will be 3 – 4 months before closing and I receive a commission check. Along with the strategic planning, I need someone to do the logistics part of my current job and future job.I receive my denials by way of computer base program; however, I always receive other departments’ denials in my que. If the denials were in the correct que they would be completed on time. I also need logistics for my future real estate job. Everything is electronic now and I need someone to route the current houses on the market into my in box. I also need someone to load my computer program with all of the new electronic paperwork to complete a contract for a buyer or seller. To be successful in any business you need strategy, logistic, and tactics.When one of these is missing you increase your potential for failure. As I have learned from the Vietnam War, you must have all of the information before you can make an informed decision. Strategy, tactics and logistics are all very important to complete a goal. Most people only have one of the needed traits, so team work is critical to successfully meet your goals.


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