Aims and Objectives for a Small Business

As you all know all businesses have aims they intend to achieve weather in a short time period or on the long run. We, as partners in this business have decided on six main aims we want to accomplish, which are: Profit, Growth, Value Added, Survival, Employee benefits, and Community benefits. Our business is owned by private individuals rather than the government, and owners will each take a share of these profits. For the growth, we look forward to be the number one company in the market, having the largest market share. How to increase value added is a very good question.However it’s by providing high quality of the services and products we serve and by adding more features and services to our business. Survival comes after, and is considered as one of the most important of all because our firm is newly established, so we are mainly looking up to survive in our market. Later comes the employee and community benefits, offering people a wider opportunity for job vacancies, giving trainings to all our workers to earn more experience, and to gain more skills of how to communicate with customers, how to deal with problems we face and how to motivate them for a better image and prestige.An objective of a business is the outcome which allows a business to achieve its aims. One way of summarizing this is by using the SMART criteria, which stands for: Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time. Our main objective is to fulfill our customers’ needs and to open other branches for Sequoia in different areas in the future.


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