Electricity quality. It also works to maintain, repair

Electricity sector is being governed by provincial authorities named as Hydro-Quebec since 1944,having actions generation ,transmission,distribution across the province. Hydro-Quebec holds the 4th rank among all power generating systems across the world.About 40% or more of all water resources fall under Quebec province.Presently, there are 63 hydro electric power stations in Quebec .These 63 power stations generate a  capacity of 36,912 MW. Major hydro plants in Quebec are Churchill Falls and James Bay Project.(Wikipedia,2018)Hydro Quebec TransEnergie a of hydro-Quebec plays a key role in transmission that covers 34,272 km lines and 533 substations and facilitates to connect North American power grid, Ontario, New Brunswick for interchange of power  to supply 24*7 supply with quality. It also works to maintain, repair and update system for more efficiency. There are various projects which are going to construct and and many are under the study to be constructed in future.VoltageSubstations (number)Lines (km)765 KV and 735 KV4011,719 ())a)±450 KV DC21,218315 KV755,456230 KV543,236  (b)161 KV432,140120 KV2176,948> 69 KV or less102  (d)3,555  (c)Total53334,272a) Including 289 km of 735-KV lines operated at 315 KV.b) Including 33 km of 230-KV lines operated at 120 KV.c) 3,283 km of lines operated by Hydro-QuebecTransÉnergie and 272 km by Hydro-Quebec Distribution.d) 91 substations operated by Hydro-QuebecTransÉnergie and 11 by Hydro-Quebec Distribution.December 31, 2015*(Hydro Quebec transenergie, 2015)TOTotal Energy Capacity in Quebec is 20 TW.h from various sources out of which 95% comes from hydro,2%-3% from wind, about 1% from Bio Mass or Geothermal.Rest are minimal approximately 1%-2% from Petroleum or Natural gas.  There are two big refineries are in  Quebec one in Suncor (137 Mb/d) in Montreal and another one in Levis named Valero, close to Quebec city with capacity of 259 Mb/d. For crude oil, both depends on western Canada and  U.S.Natural Gas is not available in Quebec, about energy < 1% is produce by refineries is from propane and butane. Wind is 2nd source after water (95%) which contributes to Quebec electricity generation only 4% .*(National Energy Board,2018)Challenges Increase the efficiency of power stations by reducing loss of energy in production and increase green and clean energy also from other resources have less contribution.Increase export by new business strategies, find new clients to sale electricity for a long period and get huge amount of foreign currency to boom country economy.Hydro Quebec sustainable DevelopmentResources 1 Wikipedia (2018, January 14). Hydro-Québec. Retrieved January 28, 2018, fromhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydro-Qu%C3%A9bec#History 2 Transmission System Overview. (2015, December). Retrieved January 28, 2018, fromhttp://www.hydroquebec.com/transenergie/en/reseau-bref.html 3 N. (2018, January 4). Quebec energy system. Retrieved January 29, 2018, from https://www.neb-one.gc.ca/nrg/ntgrtd/mrkt/nrgsstmprfls/qc-eng.html?=undefined&wbdisable=trueOu 4  our main sustainability challenges. (n.d.). Retrieved January 29, 2018, from http://www.hydroquebec.com/sustainable-development/our-approach/sustainability-challenges.html


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