Education,particularly afford to be narrowly patriotic. We may

Education,particularly higher education,must be such as to make individual citizens understand properly their rights and duties for the success of democracy.They should not only perform their their duties earnestly and honestly,but should also admire the rights of others. this will be possible only when they are broad minded and self-disciplined.They should be able to receive new ideas,think clearly and objectively, and to make their own right and impartial judgments independently.A democracy is run with co-operation,so the competitive spirit of its citizens must be based on co-operation.In short,we may say that our higher education must aim at developing the personality of an individual in full and in all respects.                     Science has made the world small and so now we are almost living in one world community.Since we are? now lime citizens of the world,we cannot afford to be narrowly patriotic. We may be proud of great national heritage of our country and sing songs of our past glory,but at the same time, we must also respect the great traditions of other countries. Higher education must aim at developing our national character with international outlook.It must develop in us the spirit of integrity,self-restraint and tolerance.                     Education must not only activate our sense of duty,but also must urge upon us to perform that duty honestly. Experience has shown us workers in offices and factories waste their time in useless gossip and the work suffers.This mentally must be changed. Education must aim at teaching them the value of time. It must make them conscious of their value and contribution to national production.Higher education ,through training,must aim at improving their vocational efficiency.                     Leaders are born,but they are also made.People have potentialities and education can develop these potentialities to prepare the students to shoulder heavy responsibilities of a leader. Dr.Radhakrishnan  on one occasion,said that higher education has on of its aims “to turn out leaders of men” and the universities “should inspire young men and women with noble ideas”.                     Young men and women are to take up places of responsibility in every sphere of life.Higher education must aim at developing in them confidence,self-reliance,spirit of co-operation and a sense of responsibility.They must be taught to shun violence,destruction of public property and disloyalty.They must be made to realize the significance of selfless service.                     In a nutshell,seal education is a tool for character development. Character is a broad term which enshrines sincerity, courage, courtesy,   obedience, truthfulness and usefulness. It is the synonym of purity and nobility of soul.


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