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Education is important for anyone not just children but everyone also needseducation. Education can be obtained in school and other non-formal educationorganizations. Whatever education is taken is essentially an attempt to increase one’sknowledge of not knowing to know and understand. The quality of education is highlydependent of education programs implemented. Not only that quality education can beobtained if the teachers can actually implement the education program well. In order forour country is not inferior to neighboring countries of course the government must improvethe quality of existing education. Education in Indonesia is still classified as medium-sizedbecause of inadequate systems and facilities.The quality of a good education will give birth to a good young generationas well. When young people have a good education they can build the country well too andnot behind the times. Education is indispensable for the progress of a nation. If our nationhas a good quality education, economy and all aspects of government can be run well alsobut if the next generation of education less State we can be colonized again by othernations. Education in Indonesia can be pursued in three ways: formal, nonformal andinformal education. Formal education includes primary, secondary and tertiary education.Formal education can be obtained in schools that have been built by the government.Higher Education is a continuation of secondary education from high school to college.Higher education is very important to finalize the knowledge gained before.In addition to formal education, the quality of non-formal education shouldalso be enhanced as this educational path is provided for those who wish to finalize theirprevious education so that they can work according to their field. This education is todevelop the ability of the students to be able to work with professionals later. Some of theeducation still needs to be improved so that the government should be able to improve thequality of education in this country.1.2.Formulation of the problem1. What is the meaning of improving the quality of education?2. What factors are contributing to the low quality of education in Indonesia? 3. What is the effort or way of improving the quality of education in Indonesia?4. Explain the quality of education relationship with Pancasila and citizenship! CHAPTER IIDiscussion2.1.The meaning of improving the quality of educationThe increase has a basic level word plus a grammar adjustment, so it turnsinto an increase in the noun with the meaning of the process, the way, the act of improvingsomething for progress. Quality is a good (size) of an object, level, level or degree(intelligence, intelligence etc.) or can be called quality. Thus, the improvement of thequality of education is an effort to develop the ability, attitudes that behave in all fields forthe success of education that increases the quality or quality of education.Improving the quality of education should be one of the focus of a country.Because with the increased quality of an education will directly impact on the increase ofhuman resources and labor in a country. Thus the state will progress, if it has qualityresources. Moreover information technology is currently growing very rapidly, if we cannot follow it we will surely be left with other countries. Not to mention the impact of freetrade that makes a lot of quality resources from other countries can easily go to Indonesia.Therefore the development of information technology should be utilized aswell as possible so as to give impact in all things. Moreover, the world of education, mustfollow and sensitive to the development of information technology. For that we PT. InfosisBLU continues to be motivated to contribute in the field of education quality improvement.2.2. Contributing to the low quality of education in IndonesiaThe factors that cause low quality of education in Indonesia, namely:1. Low quality of physical facilitiesFor physical facilities, for example, many of our schools and colleges aredamaged, ownership and use of low-learning media, library books are incomplete. Whilelaboratories are not standard, the use of information technology is inadequate and so on. Infact there are still many schools that do not have their own building, no library, nolaboratory and so on.2. Low quality of teachersThe situation of teachers in Indonesia is also very alarming. Most teachersdo not yet have adequate professionalism to carry out their duties as mentioned in article39 of Law No. 20/2003 which is to plan lessons, carry out lessons, assess learning outcomes, conduct mentorship, conduct training, conduct research and perform communityservice. Although teachers and teachers are not the only determinants of educationalsuccess, teaching is a central point of education and qualification, as a mirror of quality,teachers contribute tremendously to the quality of education it is responsible for. The lowquality of teachers and teachers is also influenced by the low level of teacher welfare.3. The low of teachers’ welfareThe low welfare of teachers has a role in lowering the quality of Indonesianeducation. The welfare gap of private and public teachers becomes another emerging issue.In the private education environment, welfare problems are still difficult to achieve theideal level.4. Lack of equity of educational opportunitiesThe opportunity to get education is still limited to the school level.Therefore, appropriate education equality policy and strategy is needed to overcome theproblem of inequality.5. The low relevance of education to needsIt can be seen from the number of unemployed graduates. According to datafrom Balitbang Depdiknas 1999, every year about 3 million children dropped out and didnot have life skills, causing their own employment problems. The existence ofinconsistency between educational outcomes and the needs of the world of work is due to aless functional curriculum of the skills required when students enter the world of work.6. Cost of educationQuality education is expensive. This sentence often appears to justify thehigh cost that must be spent by society to get education. The high cost of education fromKindergarten (TK) to Higher Education (PT) makes the poor have no choice but to stayaway from school. The poor can not go to school. Quality education is unlikely to becheap, or rather, not necessarily cheap or free. But the question is who should pay it? It isthe government that is obliged to ensure that every citizen receives education and ensuresaccess of the lower society to obtain quality education. However, the reality is that theGovernment wants to argue from responsibility. Whereas the limited funds can not be usedas an excuse for the Government to ‘wash hands’. 2.3. The effort or way of improving the quality of education in IndonesiaBelow will be described how to improve the quality of education, there aresome things that can dilakuakn include:1. Changes in the learning curriculumThe curriculum is the basic or schedule of education that will be taught bythe teacher to the students. These curriculum changes can improve education butwith this curriculum change sometimes cause controversy for everyone. Thesecurriculum changes should be carefully considered so that learners and educatorscan do well.2. Improvement of teacher qualityTeacher quality improvement can be done by selecting teacher teachersbefore they teach at a school. Given the right selection is expected teachers reallyare the choice of people who can guide students well. And the Insan of EducationShould Be Awarded Because It Gave Award, “Human Resource Management”said, the award is given to attract and retain human resources because it isnecessary to achieve organizational suggestions. Staff (teachers) will be motivatedif given extrinsic rewards (salary, benefits, bonuses and commissions) as well asintrinsic rewards (praise, challenge, recognition, responsibility, opportunity andcareer development). Humans have a number of needs that have five levels(hierarchy of needs), ranging from physiological needs (food, clothing and boards),the need for security (avoid the fear of security disturbances), social needs(community), the need to reflect the price self, and self-actualizing needs in society.Educators and educators as human beings are expected as the spearhead toimprove the quality of desire to raise the dignity and dignity. His great service inthe education world deserves to be rewarded intrinsically and extrinsically so as notto be marginalized in the life of society.3. School Operational Assistance (BOS)In essence, this assistance is designed by the government to help schoolsthat are not able to provide educational facilities and infrastructure yng worthy andrequired students. But sometimes this program is misused by irresponsible partiesso the delivery is still not optimal.4. Special Assistance Student (BKM) This government program is specialized to help the cost of students who cannot afford to get education the same as other children.5. Education facilities and infrastructure are advanced and feasibleIf the quality of education in our country want to advance then the facilitiesand infrastructure of the education should be improved even better. If the means ofeducation is good and modern then students can carry out education comfortably.Their comfort is the key to success in the learning process. With the introduction ofthe 2004 curriculum (KBK), teachers are now required to contextualize theirlearning with the real world, or at least students get a miniature picture of the realworld. That hope can not be achieved without the help of learning tools(educational facilities and infrastructure).6. Equity of educationEducation is not only for those who are in the city but in remote areasshould also get a decent education. This is the duty of the government for equalityof education in all regions.7. Reduce and Fight CorruptionCorruption in the world of education is done together (Amin Rais calledcorruption congregation) in various levels ranging from the school level, thedepartment, to the department. The perpetrators ranging from teachers, principals,heads of service, and so on into the network of corruption. Schools that areexpected to be defensive bastions that uphold the values of honesty actuallymempotonkan corrupt practices to learners.2.4.The relationship Quality education with the perspective of pancasila andcitizenshipIn the 2nd place in the pancasila “fair and humane humanity” which givesus a role in paying attention to fellow human beings, especially in the education world.Education plays an important role in the development of capability and character formationwhich becomes the main foundation for the creation of Indonesian people who are able tolive in an ever changing era. National education system should be able to provide basiceducation for every citizen of the Republic of Indonesia, so that each get at leastknowledge and basic skills, including reading, writing and numeracy skills and using the Indonesian language, which is required by every citizen to be able to participate in the lifeof society, nation and state.It is hoped that every citizen knows his / her rights and obligations as acitizen and has the ability to fulfill his / her own needs, to participate in meeting the needsof the community, and to strengthen the unity and the defense of the state. This knowledgeand capability should be obtained from the national education system. This is intended togive meaning to the mandate of the 1945 Constitution, CHAPTER XIII, Article 31Paragraph (1) which states that “Every citizen is entitled to receive instruction.”Indonesian citizens are entitled to education at any stage in the course oftheir lives – lifelong education -, although as a member of society he is not expected tocontinue learning without devoting his abilities to the benefit of society. Education can beobtained, either through the school education channels and out-of-school education.The learning of Pancasila in elementary school becomes very importantbecause remembering Pancasila is the soul of all Indonesian people. This implies that inthe pancasila contains a noble soul, values that are noble and loaded with the teachings ofmorality. With the government program that is 9 years wajub study program can provideteaching about the meaning and basics of Pancasila.Learning in schools can provide information on how to carry out theirobligations and rights in accordance with the corridor that should be. The human being isborn has a right that can not be usurped and eliminated. Those rights must be respected byanyone. The ruling human class is not permitted to impose his will contrary to one’s rights. CHAPTHER IIICOVER3.1.ConclusionBased on the papers discussed above it can be drawn a conclusion that:1. The problem of education in Indonesia is getting more complicated, multiply andcomplex. One of the educational problems faced by the Indonesian nation is the lowquality of education at every level and educational unit. Various indicators of educationalquality have not shown significant improvement.2. The low quality of education in schools caused by various factors, among others:a. Lack of school physical facilitiesb. Low quality of teachersc. The low welfare of teachersd. Lack of educational equity opportunitiese. Reduced relevance of education to needsf. High cost of education3. To improve the quality of education in Indonesia can be done, among others:a. Changes in the learning curriculumb. Improved teacher qualityc. School Operational Assistance (BOS)d. Student Special Assistance (BKM)e. The educational facilities are advancedf. Equity of educationg. Reduce and eradicate corruption3.2.SuggestionWith thanks giving Alhamdulillah to Allah SWT, the author can finish thispaper well, and certainly still far from expectations. Therefore, it still needs criticism andconstructive advice and guidance. Hopefully this paper can be useful for readers andwriters. BIBLIOGRAPHYAstuti, K., 2017. Pendidikan Berkualitas Belum Merata. Available online at 2005. Understanding education quality. Available online at


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