“Education enhance your nature of living, and empowering

“Education is not mere learning of some facts, memorizing
subjects to pen them down to gain void marks; it’s the training of mind to
think, to build values the enhance your nature of living, and empowering the
society with it.”

For building a super structure, one needs to establish a
strong foundation. Only a well educated youth with strong morals and desire to
do good for people can take the nation forward. Students of today are the youth
of tomorrow, and these comprise not only of those studying in private schools
in AC rooms, but also those deprived yet smiling faces, who don’t even have
access to what we claim essential education. The “Teach for India” notion is a
crucial step in providing children from low-income communities in some of the
nation’s most under-resourced schools, basic essential education in a
quality enriched environment by India’s brightest and most promising youth.

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Being a student of a small-town school, where teachers came in
class to complete mere syllabus and fill pockets; leaving me with poor basics
of subjects, I understand how important it is to have the foundation strong. The
Teach for India Fellowship is just a medium for me to deliver that was left undelivered
to me. There are students who need it the most, and if I can, I want to deliver
my part.

In words of Shaheen Mistri founder and CEO of Teach For
India, “Literacy for all is not the truly Utopian goal; what would be worth
aiming for is an excellent education for all.” I too believe that education today
is limited to learning core subjects, scoring well and attaining a job to
sustain. But what we need to attain is “excellent education”, where students learn
tolerance, equality, respect for diversity, handling pressure, things which
seem to have become incidental to education.

An excellent education comes from positive thinkers, a well
managed people, a good leader and an ideal learning environment.  My agenda would be focusing on their all round
personality development. As education begins at home, my maiden initiative
would be to interact with children’s parents and help them understand the need
of supporting their child, and providing the apt environment for learning. All
day theories make students lose interest, so I would organize constructive activities
where students can open minds to the subject by visualizing it. By conducting
group activities, I would make them learn basics of public interaction, putting
up views in oral, understanding & respecting other person’s views. Organizing
and making them take part in extracurricular activities, I would teach them how
important it is to build a balance between learning and growing. I believe that
excellent education is also about imparting in students the values we wish to
see flourishing in society, it’s about giving children strong moral values and
empowering them with the zeal to contribute beyond themselves to the world. And
this impossible seeming goal can be made possible with contributing efforts of
all the people.

2 years is not a less time to deliver what I dream of, but
surely not enough to achieve what I wish for. My efforts will not meet a pause.
I will spread the notion to as many aspiring young minds as I can, and try join
more hands in the movement. Working at the cause promotional level, I would
keep putting efforts at my end to help those I encounter day to day. 


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