Each unhealthy behaviours. When a person is effected

Each person experiences situations
and events in life that can precipitate stress. Each of these events can
trigger different kinds of stress such as anger when being late for work or the
emotional stress from seeing a violent car accident. While certain situations
affect people differently in terms of the level of stress they experience, they
also find different ways to deal with the stress in their life. Whether it be a
short term situation or an event they that deal with for weeks, month and even
years on end. The ability for a person to effectively manage and cope with the
stress is crucial so they do not resort to unhealthy behaviors. Individuals who
are unable to cope with the severe stress end up resorting to unhealthy
behaviours. When a person is effected by stress they can experience various
symptoms such as behavioral. Behavioral symptoms can include “increased use of caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol or other
drugs” (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health CAMH, 2010, para. 9). Overall an important concept to analyze
when looking at these two topics in tandem is the relationship that stress and
addiction have on each other.

 First to identify is the various types of
stress that an individual can experience. Stressors are broken down into two categories,
acute and chronic stress.  Acute
stressors are short term stressors that individuals experience that can be
sudden as well as severe. Chronic stress is long term stressors that an
individual experience that is prolonged over a period of time or reappears.

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