During work and determination, Father O’Brien and many

During the film, “Scenes From
A Parish”, it was evident how strong of an effect the pastor’s involvement was
on his community. I was surprised to see how much the pastor cared about each
individual in his community, no matter who it was. He not only cared for just
the people in his parish, but also devoted his time to those outside of his
community in need of help. Father O’Brien did this by feeding many of the
hungry in Lawrence. He continued his work and was able to give national
exposure to the conditions faced by the poor in Lawrence. It was extremely
difficult to bring the hungry into the kitchen because many of these people
felt embarrassed to receive help from others. However, through hard work and
determination, Father O’Brien and many others were able to help several of
those less fortunate.

Saint Patrick’s Church is
the type of Church I picture when I hear the word community. It is so inspiring
to see those in the parish come together and help those who are underprivileged
in their society. The strong community at Saint Patrick’s Church is a great
example of showing how when people come together, they can accomplish strenuous
tasks. The pastor shows extreme dedication towards the Church by going out of
his way to help every parishioner. Saint Patrick’s Church reminds me of the
parish I belong to, Saint Margaret of York, because the people in my community
always continue to help others within and outside of the Church. It is
important that every parish puts in time and effort to help those less
fortunate. Saint Patrick’s Church was successful in doing this because the parishioners
started on a small scale, rather than on a global one. Overall, I enjoyed
watching this film because it taught me how helping others does not have to be
does not have to be a big and heroic act, but can be as simple as helping out those
in your own community. 

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