During ransomware that attacked NHS computer systems. This

During the
lectures, we had few examples of systems that were attacked and their intellectual
and financial properties were stolen. The example of ATM card skimmer frauds that
were recently caught by Finnish police was quiet alarming. With tremendous global
use of online resources in every field (especially e-commerce), the risk of cyber-attack
is increasing at an alarming rate. According to NBC News, over four billions of
data breaches have been reported globally in year 2016 2. One of the biggest
data thefts of history was published on 2013, when 1 billion user accounts were
stolen from tech giant Yahoo. This case showed how worrying cyber security has
been in recent days. Another example of such tremendous attack was WannaCry ransomware
that attacked NHS computer systems. This single attack affected over 300,000
computers and brought down UK’s medical system to chaotic atmosphere 3.

As reported
on YLE News, unknown numbers of Finnish residences have received phishing scam
email trying to extracts their financial details 4. A same news agency has
reported a case on the loophole in the Finnish population’s registry.  It revealed how criminals are able to change
information of the victims and change their address in the registry and use
their identity to bogus online shopping 5.

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In recent
news on international news agencies, the first ever synchronized drone attack
was carried out on Russian Base in Syria. As per CNBC news, thirteen drones with
explosives were used to attack two military bases in Syria. The authority has
estimated the mission was controlled from around 100km far from the base 6.
This is one of the most severe threats; security experts around the world were
worried about. And if further advanced, it could change security level of
entire world dramatically.

These are
the few examples of security threats that are major concerns for security


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