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During 2017, there are suicide cases that involved two public figure in entertainment industry. Many people are surprised by the commite suicide of the artists. No one ever imagine that the reason of their suicide because of permanent sad disease or we also known as depression. Actually, It is normal when sometimes people feel sad, angry, and have mood changes . But, what if that symptoms maintain for such along period of time?. When people have this depressive disorder, it will interferes their daily life, normal functioning, and causes pain for them and those who close and care about them. Depression is a common but serious illness, so that someone with depressive disorder needs a treatment to get better. XX”Depression is a chronic mental disorder that causes changes in mood, thoughts, behavior and physical health” (WHO, 2012) . Based on World Health Organization (WHO) The World Mental Health Survey conducted in 17 countries found that on average about 1 in 20 people reported having an episode of depression in the previous year, it means that depression can occur on everyone. There are several different types of depression, they are Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Dysthymic disorder, Melancholic depression, Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), Post-partum depression (PPD), Psychotic depression.Until now there is is no exact caution of depression. It commons, because of the mixture of genetic, biochemical, environmental, and mental factors. Some researches find that depressive illness are involved with brain. Some cases depression are caused by trauma, lossing someone that you love, a tough relationship, or any tension situation may trigger a depressive situation. Depressive may occur with or without an obvious trigger. For the example, according to the reaserch  in Korea a suicide occurs to 40 people in a day (SOURCE?). These cases involved all the elements of the society, they are students, artists, and others public figures. The most factor that caused these phenomenon is bullying, wether by orally, written, and action , wether it is direct or indirect.Depressive disorders can ruin life of a person by losing their ability to enjoy life , decline the fact in life, losing their confident and keep disliking their selves, especially can cause some mental and physical health disorder such as decrease concentration, dicrease natural appetite, body weight changes dramaticly, sleep disorder, isolated their selves, lost confident, headache, digestion disorder, even could make people commite to suicide. Depression, even the most strict deases, is a highly treatable disorder. The best way to get proper treatment is tarrying a doctor. A doctor can identify a physical examination, interview and lab tests. Meanwhile, a person with depression can be treated with a number of methods. The usual treatments are medication and psychotherapy. Medication is a treatment by using anti depressan drugs but not all the people fit the medication therapy. Medication treatment had side effects that are insomnia, headache, nausea, agitation, bladder problems, dry mouth, and blurred vision.Psychotherapy is also known as talk therapy. Talk therapy can take short or long term perode depend on individual needs. Psychotherapy is divided into two ways, there are cognitive bhavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT). Both of them is known as the effective therapys., CBT helps people to change negative thinking and behaving to possitive . IPT helps people understand and work through troubled personal relationships. In sum, because of the Depressive disorders is a serious illness, it also sholud handle seriously. When people indicate depression, it can affect people surround them, so give them a appropriate treatment and offer emotional support. Try not to isolate and let others help. Remember that positive thinking will replace negative thoughts as your depression responds to treatment.


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