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During Barack Obama’s two term presidency, he made crucial decisions regarding the citizens of the United States align with immigrants who desired to live in the United States. In 2012, the beginning of his second term in office, President Obama created the DACA program regarding foreigners who have entered the nation. The DACA program “has allowed hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought to the United States illegally as children to remain in the country” (Heinrich, NBC News). The controversial decision essentially kept many immigrants from being deported back to their country. The United States was meant for Americans, for citizens and for those who live and breathe by the red, white and blue. It was not an open nation where anybody could settle and allow themselves to call it home. It was not right of Barack Obama to extend his executive power and create a new program that should not be implemented. Those who immigrated to the United States for new opportunity are called illegal immigrants. The term illegal can best be translated as violating the law and this is exactly what foreigners are doing. The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has heavily pushed to end the DACA program as he has intentions of building a wall between the borders of the United States and Mexico. The DACA program must end. Although it proved a new pathway for citizenship, the DACA program should be terminated because it was an abuse of executive power and was unconstitutional, would decrease job opportunities and would allow foreigners to stay in the United States as illegal immigrants. Prior to the United States becoming independent, the 13 colonies were under British control. The goal was to fight the British and gain independence, all of which were completed. The 13 colonies did not settle for being ruled under a king or queen but chose to have the political system as a democracy. Fast forward hundreds of years, Barack Obama had reminded the United States the feeling of being ruled under a kingdom and not participating in a democracy. He abused his executive power and implemented the DACA program for immigrated children. The DACA program was unconstitutional and should not have been used as border control has been an issue for decades now. In 2010, Obama enforced his new immigration reforms on his own. By 2011, there were claims that he had king-like characteristics but he denied them by mention that he is “not king” and he “can’t do these things just by myself” (Von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation). However, this statement was untrue as less than a year later, he implemented the DACA program. The DACA program allowed young immigrants the chance to stay in the United States. It was a program that “was a compromise devised by the Obama administration after Congress failed to pass the so-called Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (Dream) Act” (Walters, The Guardian). Dreamers wanted the opportunity to come to the United States as illegal immigrants but also be permitted to stay and live here as well. It was unfair and unconstitutional as it broke the legal law. The term legal is used in the court of law often, as many who have been accused of crimes wonder if what they did was legal or right. On the other hand, immigrants who would like to be apart of the DACA program are illegal so why let them stay? The United States should not be the nation that accepts everyone and allows them to call this place home. The United States was meant for Americans and all illegal immigrants should not be granted this nation as their new home. Providing the pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants downgrades the whole meaning of citizenship itself. If the United States pushed foreigners to become citizens when they joined this country as illegal, then it does nothing. One will follow the other and soon enough, the United States will be filled with more illegals than citizens. When President Obama decided to implement the DACA program, it must be undeniable that he did not realize that this new program would take away job opportunities from United States’ citizens. The DACA program leads to an increase in children and teenager who will continue to compete with others their age for future jobs. More human beings in a society results in a higher competition rate for the available jobs. Although advocates for the DACA program have mentioned that illegal immigrants take the occupations that most Americans would not want like physical labor jobs, it would be ridiculous to ignore that foreigners compete for jobs against Americans in order to gain more salary. Obama failed to recognize that “there are some DACA recipients who have jobs that native-born or naturalized workers might otherwise have” (Kurtzleben, NPR). Between the illegal immigrants and citizens, those who are interested in the same job result in competition. However, if the illegal immigrants were not permitted into the United States, the competition would decrease and the job opportunities would increase. With DACA implemented, there is no regard for the legal citizen who has been living in the community for more time. It is unfair for a native-born citizen to have to compete with an illegal for an occupation because the foreigner does not deserve it as much. The only benefit goes to the employer who has more options for who to employ. Many Americans struggle to find work to support their families and “illegal immigration exacerbates these young Americans’ struggles by increasing the number of people competing for a limited supply of lower-skilled and entry-level jobs” (Perryman, Fox News). Job opportunities decrease for Americans if the DACA program is approved and implemented. It is a necessity for President Donald Trump to shut the program down and keep immigrants out of the competition for professions. If DACA continues to allow immigrants to join the United States, it does not guarantee them becoming citizens. Currently, “About 690,000 young adults are currently protected under the DACA program and officials are processing more than 34,000 additional first-time applications” (Shoichet, CNN). If not even four percent of the immigrants have been processed then it displays that DACA is not the right program to control our immigration program with. The dreamers who were brought to the United States as children still have not been documented which increases the issue of border control. The rate of immigration will continue to increase and at one point, it could become too much for the United States. President Trump has realized that the United States must take a stand on the current immigration rules. Whether it means to build a wall in between the United States and Mexico or to increase the rules in a different way, Trump should change DACA. Although the DACA program contains many flaws, there a some benefits to President Obama’s immigration reform. The plan adds diversity to the United States. With immigrants coming from nations all over the world, it is important to have diversity within this country. The competition that occurs while finding a job can actually benefit the economy. If a Hispanic man competes against an American man for a job in the workforce, it will increase the productivity. Without competition, production happens less and less. Obama introduces DACA to allow children, who would have an unsuccessful future, turn their life around earlier in their lifetime rather than later. If the government allows foreign children to live in the United States, then it will prove that this nation wants the best for everyone and that the American Dream is possible. Immigrants should feel safe in the United States and the government allows for that to happen. If removes them from poverty and brings them to a nation that gives second chances. The United States’ government would be intelligent to implement DACA as President Obama wanted not only the best for citizens in this country but for the immigrants as well. DACA must come to its conclusion. Although it is great to have a wide range of diversity without the United States, the immigrants are essentially hurting the country. Most of them do not become legal citizens and stay undocumented, which is an issue within itself. Attorney General Jeff Sessions mention that a new immigration plan would be more beneficial because “if followed it will produce an immigration system with integrity and one in which we can take pride” (Schallhorn, Fox News). Obama’s immigration was horrible due to the fact that he created it to show personal power. DACA resulted in Obama displaying his executive power and how he can take advantage of it. The use of DACA would allow for more illegal border movements, meaning that if one Hispanic realizes that another could move to the United States without much issue, then they will follow. The border control will become more lenient and will allow for this to happen if nothing is done. Thankfully, President Trump has agreed to let go of this program and to restart a new reform. If the goal is to keep immigrants out of the United States, then that would be impossible. Most ancestors come from nations outside of the United States and diversity is what shaped the United States into what it is today. However, Trump should focus on how to improve the control over which immigrants can be let into the United States and which must stay out. DACA brings too many immigrants in and will cause more issues if it is not reformed or removed. DACA should be destroyed and terminated as it has brought in mostly negative results other than diversity.


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