Due well. The FDA removed the ban, however,

to the presence of sulfonamides in saccharin formula, it may cause some
individuals to experience a potentially severe allergic reaction. Symptoms of
an allergic reaction to saccharin include difficulty breathing, headache, the
sudden appearance of a skin rash or hives and diarrhea. In children, the allergic
reaction caused by saccharin used in some baby formulas may cause irritability
and muscle dysfunction.

1977, a study found an association between saccharin and bladder cancer in
rats, pushing the FDA to inhibit this synthetic additive as well. The FDA
removed the ban, however, after thousands of people wrote letters of protest.
But the FDA still maintained that all foods containing the sweetener must have
a warning label stating that “Use of this product may be hazardous to
human health. This product contains saccharin, which has been determined to
cause cancer in laboratory animals.”

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studies in rats continued to show an high risk for bladder cancer after the
animals consumed very high doses of saccharin but results in humans showed
unclear evidence of an association. Moreover, scientists soon recognized that
the mechanism that formed cancers in rats was irrelevant in humans.
Specifically, when consumed in high doses, researchers found that saccharin
changes the components of rat urine, creating a precipitate. The precipitate
can be harmful to the cells lining the bladder, which in turn can promote tumor
growth when the cells regenerate. This mechanism, however, is exclusive to

also face risk of diabetes if they consume too much saccharin. It contains no
caloric value and is not absorbed by intestines. However, the sweet taste of
saccharin may stimulate an endocrinological response, such as insulin. Insulin
is a hormone which produced in the pancreas. Glucose levels rise when people eat
foods and insulin is released into the bloodstream. The insulin acts like a
key, opening up cells so they can take in the sugar and use it as an energy
source. Insulin has nothing to bind on to if there are no sugars entering the
blood stream after ingesting an artificial sweetener like saccharin. This may
decrease insulin sensitivity which may increase risk for developing diabetes.


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