Dropbox a large chunk of the New Testament.


apostle Paul was outstandingly devoted to growing Jesus Christ’s Church and
spreading the word of God. Though he was constantly faced with predicaments
such as imprisonment that would have caused despair, Paul bounced right back
and became even stronger in Christ. Paul continually monitored churches and
sent letters to them. These letters make up a large chunk of the New Testament.
Among those letters is a letter to the church in Philippi, known as the
Philippians. Philippians is all about happiness, joy, humility, unity,
self-sacrifice, and living as Christians. In his letter to the Philippians,
Paul expresses his love for the church and the joy that exists in Christianity.
This essay will focus on specific verses of Philippians. They include verses
1-11 of chapter two of the book. These verses are worth the focus because they
showcase what Christianity is all about. They emphasize on the need for
compassion, selflessness, affection, and above all, humility.

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2:1-11 is an incredible passage of the book. It gives a clear picture of the
real joy in Christianity. In verse 1 and 2, Paul implores the church of the
Philippians to be united, agree with each other, love one another, and work
towards common goals to show that there is compassion, oneness in spirit, and
encouragement in belonging to Christ (Philippians 2:1-2). Verse 1 seems to be
an appeal to the Philippians to prove that there is comfort in Christ while
verse to tells them what to do to prove that. In verse 3, Paul goes ahead to
tell the Philippians to refrain from selfishness and thinking that they are
better than others. He goes ahead to emphasize the need for the Philippians to take
into consideration the interests of others as much as they attend to their own
interests. The Life Application Study Bible gives a clear picture of what could
have caused selfishness and disunity among the Philippians. It illustrates the
diversity of the church, which has people of different capabilities, from the
wealthy to the poor. Such diversity would have made unity difficult. Also, this
makeup of the church would easily have triggered jealousy and selfishness
(Barton et al., 1997). Verse 5 beseeches them to adopt the attitude that Christ
had (Philippians 2:5). The Life Application Study Bible in its explanation of
Philippians 2:1-5 indicates that selfishness results in dissonance among
individuals (Barton et al., 1997). That is why Paul wanted the Philippians to
do away with their selfish needs, love each other, work together, and follow
Christ’s example of humility.

2:6 goes ahead to explain the attitude that Christ had. Even if Jesus was God,
his major focus was not His equivalence to God. Instead, as verse 7 indicates,
he overlooked his power and position, humbly taking the place of a slave. His
humility is showed where even as God, He has no problem taking the form of a
human being (Philippians 2:7). Paul was hoping to make the Philippians emulate
the humility of Christ. If Jesus was ready to give up his divine position to
take on a much lesser form to serve humankind, then the Philippians had no
excuse not being humble and serving others regardless of their position. The
Life Application Study Bible explains that when Christ became a man, he let go
of his divine right to power and glory. He demonstrated the true character of
God as a human (Barton et al., 1997). In verse 8, Paul explains that Jesus was
humble enough to obey God and agree to be crucified as criminals were
(Philippians 2:8). It is because of this that God gave lifted him up in a
position of honor higher than all the rest as explained in verse 9 (Philippians
2:9). A position where every creature in heaven, earth, or below the earth must
bow before Jesus as stated in verse 10. On top of that, everyone shall
acknowledge that Christ is Lord (Philippians 2:10). Through this verse, Paul
expected the Philippians to understand that humility makes God lift one up.
Jesus had died for their sins and because of that, they were free. If they
lived a life of obedience, the Philippians would be glorified as God did to

the contemporary Christian life, Philippians 2:1-11 acts as an excellent
reference to dealing with various situations. An example is a work setting.
Verses 1-5 stress on the need for compassion, working together in one mind,
lack of selfishness, and humility. In a work setting, there exists a diverse
range of people just as the Philippians were. However, in this modern setting,
things such as teamwork are important. Individuals cannot work as a team unless
there is no selfishness among them. Selfishness can result in conflict and
therefore, lead to a lack of unity in the workplace. Also, when people lack
humility and look down upon others, they are likely to rub shoulders hindering
working together. Self-interests must be kept aside while the interests of
everyone are taken into account. Verses 6-11 also train the contemporary
Christians on how to behave in numerous circumstances. For example, when a huge
business owner earns numerous amounts of cash from his business, he could tell
himself that it was his money, and he could use all of it on himself. However,
realizing the need to serve others, he may decide to feed the homeless or
donate some of it to a charity. One should be willing to give up material
possessions for the glory of the Lord and to be compassionate and kind to
others. In the end, the actions that one takes will be judged by God. Those who
are humble will be lifted up.


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