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Domenic CorreaJustian LittlefieldEnglish 11131 January 2018Close Read of “The ‘Loser Edit’ That Awaits Us All””Burn the rest” the start to many bad stories in a history book, but in the case of Coulson whitehead an end to an article he wrote for the New York Times. The quote follows the sentence “Take the footage you need.” A sentence such as “Burn the rest” from three little words there’s much you can take from it.Start by looking at the word burn, when you burn something it is permanently damaged or destroyed. No trace of it ever to be seen again. When you take into consideration the quote directly before this one, “take the footage you need.” It could be assumed that he was referring to the “loser edits” one could find in the previously mentioned reality TV shows. The studio would burn the footage they don’t need and take the footage best suited for how the show wants to depict its characters. Early to back this up, Whitehead writes, “The contradictory evidence falls to the cutting-room floor, and we assert order, shape a narrative, any narrative, out of the chaos.” This segment of writing shows how the stations would take what they need, and then burn the footage least suited to the desired picture.The second portion of the line is “the rest”, but what is the rest? Whitehead, in his essay, is talking about both the footage from the TV shows and from your life. As far as life is concerned he’s saying take the unneeded memories and discard them from your brain and pretend they never existed. This claim is further supported by Whiteheads words, “Memory is the mostmalicious cutter of all, preserving, recasting, panning in slow motion across the awful bits so that we retain every detail.”Whitehead chose to end his essay with this quote, giving a clear ending and a taste for what he had meant for you to take. Giving a taste of optimism and instructions on how to take his essay.


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