[Document expectancy shortfall decrease about 1.75%. (3) Investing






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should pay more attention and prioritize its efforts to accelerate human
development rather than infrastructure development for economic boost


development of people in developing countries is more conducive to economic
development than investment in physical infrastructure. The reason is, when the people are educated, it will be easier to lead
them. Similarly, when people are educated, they will be able to think better
and apply innovations into the ways of doing things in the environment. For
example, education in itself cannot do the work but educated people can be used
or bring about the necessary development in the environment or the nation. (4)  It is
evident that as people become healthier, better nourished and educated, they
contribute more to economic growth. (3) Also improvement of human capital would increase productivity
of the labor force as greater social well-being leads to higher per capita
output. (1)  In Cali, Colombia found that a health and nutrition
program increased the lifetime earnings of individuals to from 2.5 to 8.9 times
those of an illiterate worker. For example, in agriculture, evidence show that
educated farmer are more likely to use technology and use latest methods which
leads to more productivity. Similarly, in Nepal, the completion of at least 7
years of schooling increased productivity in wheat by over a quarter, and in
rice by 13%. That is, for every percentage point increase in average share of
GDP invested in health and education, the life expectancy shortfall decrease
about 1.75%. (3) Investing in human development is obtaining
innovativeness, a green economy and sustainable development. Sustainable
development focuses on youth, women and knowledge. For
example, 1% increase in the female primary gross enrollment rate is estimated
to reduce the life expectancy shortfall by 0.1%. (3)  Similarly, in developing countries,
education and training of women yield higher return than men. Neapolitan says,
“Give me educated women and I shall promise you a great nation”. Also human
development helps to develop people’s abilities and give them a chance to use
them. For example, educating a girl would build her skills, but it is of little
use if she is denied access to jobs, or does not have the skills for the local
labor market. (11)

“Secondly, democracy, peace and prosperity cannot be sustained
in the long run without a solid foundation of a healthy and well-educated
society”. (8) Because
development is a never-ending process and cannot be sustained in the long run
while social ills are increasing. (2)
Economic growth could take place together with social ills having long lasting
effect on the stability of the economy and good will of the country. Social ills include the misdistribution of income, the
persistence of poverty and increasing homelessness, the destruction of the
family, high rates of divorce, environmental pollution and destruction, the
spread of violent crime and drug abuse, and the appearance of other social
pathologies.(2) Social Problems of Pakistan and
their Solution “Education” which is considered as the cheapest way of defense
is not being promoted in our country which has made the literacy rate of our
country decline to a major extent. (12) The gender discrimination
is another very much important factor in the decline of Pakistan as males are
being given priority over females in a country where females are more in
number. For example, primary school ratio of boys and girls in Pakistan is 10:4
respectively. Other social problems which include
terrorism, child labor, sexual harassment, inflations, injustice, smuggling and
drug abuse are also getting more and more common in the country which is
causing harm to the youth of the country as well as to the law and order
situation of the state. (12) The human development calls for a
simultaneous treatment of social and economic aspects of development. It leads
to a number of social and economic benefits including jobs; reduction in
poverty; increase standard of living and better quality of life; better civil
society etc. Education and training enables the nation’s citizens to reach
their full potential. Creating an educated workforce is important for long term
development, peace and prosperity. But unfortunately, Pakistan’s government is
paying little attention to human development and more to infrastructure
development.  The allocation of funds for education and health are very
low, almost half of all those aged five to 16 are out of school—25m children. It
is well said that If your plan is for 1 year, plant rice. If your plan is for
10 years, plant trees. If your plan is for 100 years, educate children. 

investment in infrastructure is a foolproof way of boosting the economy in
Pakistan. Current crop of Pakistani leaders who are in charge of running
the country are mere politicians not statesmen. A politician thinks of the next
election while a statesman, of the next generation. “A
statesmen invest available national resources, particularly longer term
investments, in education, training, nutrition and health care sectors which
do not show results as quickly as building roads, metro bus, metro trains,
ports and other physical infrastructure.” (8) Pakistani politicians tend
to stress more about physical infrastructure because such projects can be
completed before the next elections while the returns on investments in
education and health take much longer to become visible. As a result, Pakistan’s
human development score rose in years 2001-2008 under dictatorship and
dramatically slowed down under elected leadership “democracy” since
2008 ranking 147th with HDI growth slowing down as low as 0.538%. Due to its
poor performance in human development it falls under the low ranked countries. Also, Pakistan’s infrastructure is underused because the
economic boom it was meant to trigger has never arrived. The government is
building more airports, roads and railways, even though the existing ones are
underused. (7)  For example, Motorists
can drive for miles without seeing another vehicle on motorways. Similarly, current government is racing to finish umpteen
projects before the next election, due by mid-2018, including a metro line in
Lahore and a new airport for Islamabad. (7) Also, Pakistan has an
inequitable approach to development and thus lowers Pakistan’s performance. For
example, some cities/districts such as Lahore and Karachi are doing extremely
well on all development indicators, cities/districts such as Killa Abdullah,
Kohistan and Tharparkar are extremely deprived. “Spending
a billion rupees in Killa Abdullah district of Baluchistan will have much
higher returns than spending the same billion in Karachi.” (1) Additionally,
Standard of education varies in different Provinces of Pakistan. For example, in
Pakistan females are being neglected and are not considered as the part of the
society and are not encouraged to move forward and compete with male in all the
sections of life which has given unequal rights to the both genders which is
again the basic rules and regulation of the religion Islam. Development is
not just about factories, dams or roads; it is about people, who must
remain central in all economic, social, political and environmental efforts. To
quote Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen, development is, “to advance richness
of human life rather than richness of the economy in
which human beings live”


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