DNA Structure Analysis and Treatment of Patients

Efforts are being made for computers to be able to prescribe medicine appropriately. There is a science known as PharmacoGenomics and it compiles all the gene types and associates them with their corresponding toxic medications. Computer chip containing gene information will soon be powered after the doctors filch DNA sample of patient containing the gene information. Today researches are being made on high throughput screening which means to analyze drug samples using robotic devices and these devices suggests the specific drugs to be matched with patient’s genes (Tripod, 2008). GP Surgeries

Medicine has flourished so much by the use of computer technology that a day will come when all the human surgeons would be replaced by robots and robotic devices. The impacts of computer technology are very profound and progressing more to facilitate the humanity (Tripod, 2008). Electronic Medical Records Systems General Physicians in Denmark normally use computers in their workplaces. EMR system is used regularly in their computerized offices; EMR i. e. Electronic Medical Records. Danish doctors tell communication assistance as its major reasons and patients also get the best results and convenience comparatively.

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They had to wait for their reports for five or six days and now they get it as soon as they log in next. For every of their clinical or organizational transactions they are responded quickly (Protti, 2009). Another advantage of computerization is support for chronic disease management. Usage of records for clinical research is another merit. General physicians in Denmark do not use paper media for discharge reports, lab results and requests, prescriptions and referrals rather they utilize paperless media to perform those transactions. These utilities are being employed by New Zealand as well.

The use of physician’s EMR system is increasing with drastic rate (Protti, 2009). Chronic Disease Management Systems Another system used as advancement in health care and medicine is CDM i. e. Chronic Disease Management. This system enrolls and keeps track of patient’s records; it contains the measures and advice for best cure and gathers latest data from the lab and GP office system being collected in clinic’s database. Best healthcare tips, alerts, reminders, and suggestions appear in the CDM based on the latest available data specific to the record of patient (Protti, 2009). CDM system relies on the practices based on evidences.

It has proved to be cost effective in terms of giving best outcomes to chronically ill patients. Surveys on the period of five years have shown that proper application of CDM technology for diabetes has reduced the number of deaths by 32% and cost affectivity by $13 million. CDM system was powered into computers so that it provides doctors to analyze cases of chronic care patients by using their records in an efficient manner. Doctors are helped by CDM in order to implement medical principles effectively by having fast access to protocols reflecting evidences and best practices for treatment.

Care providers and doctors share and analyze patient’s history in a secure manner and match different cases in order to have the best possible solution. Confidentiality is one of the major pro of CDM systems as they provide multilayered secure access to the critical data. Scalability is also on its credit as it can be both extended and expanded to edit and add important information about other chronic diseases in future. CDM helps in effective teamwork as well. It is a web-based application and do not need any hard and fast rules for its handling (Protti, 2009).


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