Disadvantages internet has a much wider reach than

Disadvantages of print
media and broadcast media


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If you are targeting the global audience, then this is not the
medium you should go for. Instead, the internet has a much wider reach than
print media in this.

Placing an advertisement in print media requires a lot of
planning and time. In this case, you are faced with flexibility problem,
particularly when you work in tight deadlines.

In fact, there is much limitations when it comes to targeting
your audience as the particular newspaper may not be available to the audience
all the time. On the other hand, a person can get access to the internet from
anywhere and everywhere.

Broadcast media:

• No visual component

• Advertisers must buy
multiple stations and formats to accumulate audience reach

• Typically high CPM
costs and rising production costs (most expensive)

• Many television
shows skew older and lower income

• increasing ad
clutter as commercial pods lengthen (people don’t want to watch commercials
because they are taking more time away from their shows)


Feedback of medias

Print media:

Feedback of print media is very slow.

When people read the newspaper and other this kind of
things of print media, its feedback is very slow because after reading the
articles they give their answers post it to writer and writer read them and at
the last he or she may be answered again.

Broadcast media:

Feedback of broadcast media is also slow but faster than
the print media because

On television or radio, if your call pick up
or your message was received than you give your feedback and in back also takes
your answer.


Print media:

Generally, the role of
print media is positive.

Print media still exist and
its effective.

Print media plays very
important role because old citizens prefer newspaper for read instead of other
kinds of media.

Print media is time

Broadcast media:

Television and radio are
the oldest form of electronic media.

Broadcast media is time
savior. You can listen news during your work.

For television, electricity
is use and due to this electricity bills money may be high.




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