Differential a car but told him not to

Differential reinforcement is another point of this theory.

“the differential reinforcement of process operates in four key modes: positive
reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment:
(Social Learning
Theory 2015). To explain the positive
reinforcement Criminal Justice Research, give the example of John a boy who has
difficulties making friends. And other boys approached him and tell him that if
he hit another boy they don’t like, John will become their friend. It said that
John may know that hitting other is not right but did it anyway to gain the
other boys friendship.  Social Learning Theory article stated
that “…peer approval serves as positive reinforcement” (Social Learning Theory 2015). The given example for negative reinforcement was a
man who drove to work every day at the same time and had to pass through the
speed trap. But one day drove to work an hour early and found out that speed
trap was not posted at that time. So, the men start to drive to work one hour
early every day to avoid speed trap. The men behavior of leaving to work an
hour early is now a negative reinforcement because he is avoiding speed trap.

The example for the positive punishment is of a girl who always had a
designated driver when she went to the bar, but one day decided to drive the
car and when she got out of the bar and was driving home got pulled over and
arrested for driving under the influence. The unpleasant consequence of being
arrested was the positive punishment. The example of the negative punishment is
the one of a boy who his mother bought a car but told him not to smoke in it
and despite the warning the boy did. Later his mother found out he was smoking
and decided to take away from the boy the privilege of having the car for two
months. The removal of the privilege for smoking was the negative behavior (Social
Learning Theory 2015).