Despite shows an absence of understanding and mindfulness

Despite the fact that
the narrator of this short story isn’t truly visually impaired, he shows an
absence of understanding and mindfulness that, from numerous points of view,
makes even him blinder than Robert. Not at all like Robert, the narrator can
see with his eyes consummately well. However, he experiences issues
understanding individuals’ contemplations and sentiments that lie underneath
the surface. He feels sorry for the perished Beulah because of the fact that
Robert would never take a look at her and doesn’t understand that Robert could
see her feeling or how she felt for him, he could comprehend her personally.

Subsequently, the narrator endeavors to truly become more acquainted with his
own significant other. Rather than respecting her old friend coming to his
home, he only classifies Robert as a major aspect of his better half’s past,
which makes him desirous, frivolous, and unpleasant.” After she’d left the room, he and I listened to the weather report and then
to the sports roundup. By that time, she’d been gone so long I didn’t know if
she was going to come back. I thought she might have gone to bed. I wished
she’d come back downstairs. I didn’t want to be left alone with a blind man. I
asked him if he wanted another drink, and he said sure” (Carver 1983 P.2685).  He couldn’t care less whether this visit is
imperative to his significant other or what part Robert may have played in
helping her through her suicide endeavor and separation. The narrator is desirous
of his significant other’s ex yet in addition presumptuously beyond any doubt
of his respected place in her life, anticipating that at one point should hear
her educate Robert concerning her “dear husband.” However, every
remark he makes to his better half and also all that he does appears to be
intended to disturb and outrage her. A long way from being a “dear husband,”
the narrator is unfeeling and apparently has no clue who his significant other
truly is. The way that he can perceive her without hesitation doesn’t really
imply that he knows her personally.

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