Darrow proven though that he is very rash

Darrow Au Lykos is the protagonist and the narrator is the Red Rising Trilogy, and throughout this Trilogy his experiences turn in from a young inexperienced helldiver into the brave leader of the Red Rising rebellion that combats the societal hierarchy. He starts off as a family man married to Eo with the forced profession of a miner, specifically a helldiver who operaterates the heavy machinery. Now at this point his ambitions are purely to help maintain the welfare of his family and do not expand any further then that. It is proven though that he is very rash and courageous when he puts himself in harm’s way to check a gas pocket when mining so they can win the laurel even when told not to by his uncle. Finally you are shown that he is quick to anger and rage when they lost the laurel to the gamma’s and was only calmed by his wife Eo. So Darrow starts off as an ambitious individual but knows when he needs to compromise and stop if it puts his family in harms ways so a deeply rooted connection to his family, this connection though turns to extreme anger when his wife is hanged.Darrow Au Lykos is destroyed when he is carved to become a gold, an entirely different person emerges. Regardless Darrow struggles to maintain his old identify as he never wants to forget the past to keep his hatred of the golds but eventually learns to respect and understand them even befriends some and falls in love. Next we start to learn the real extent of his rage when his is at the entrance exams for the institute, this is shown by his drafting into House Mars which is where studies with great anger go. During his life at the institute he is shown on many occasion to be an amazing tactician with ruthless cunning in military and day to day decisions alike, he is very calculating but his sense of morality quickly conflicts with many of his decisions because he feels anguish when people he has befriended get hurt in any way. All in all, by the end of the book Red Rising, Darrow was a powerful character both physically and mentally. He is strong, an amazing taction, great at speeches to inspire loyalty and friendship, and with his strong personality able to make friends and allies with ease, I would want no one else for the uprising.Roque au Fabii when first introduced is quickly seen as a calm and quiet guy. Darrow also notices that he always manages to keep his composure even in life and death situations. Rogue is also known for being a poet and has used it to get across his feelings many times such as when trying to establish an intimate relationship with someone or exclaim happiness. Now he’s not one shown to be prone to anger has Darrow has mentioned many times, but when pushed past the line he is very skilled at manipulating people with lies and extreme cunning to nuetralize his enemy wish is why he was put in House Mars. Now during the institute he’s shown to be loyal  and very compassionate when he creates bonds with Cassius and Darrow, but under his compassion he hides he very strong beliefs in Gold supremacy which only grows as he gets older to the point of betraying Darrow and his own downfall. Rogue has incredible analytical skills which only grow and get better as his uses them making him one of the best fleet commanders in the pact, never losing a battle except to Darrow who uses never before seen tactics in order to surprise Rogue. Rogue in the end; just could not let go, he would rather die than betray his own loyalties making him the perfect gold who is not a person of greed or cruelty.


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