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10: Section 1

January 2018


Time Does Not Bring Relief: You All Have


            The Italian sonnet, “Time Does Not
Bring Relief (Sonnet II)” by Edna St. Vincent Millay discusses the issue
presented that time does not, in fact, heal pain and that pain does not subside
throughout life. When reminded by memories of her male companion, the narrator
is overpowered by grief, as he is no longer with her. The speaker expresses her
pain as there are many places where she fears to go because the memories of her
loved one are so strong. The speaker believes that if she goes to places her
lover has not been, her grief and memory of him would subside. Instead of
losing the memory of her lover, she focuses on that fact that she is unsure if
he had actually ever visited the place she is at. With this, more memories of
her loved one emerge and allow more grief to be brought to the speaker.

            The speaker references time through
mention of places and nature as shown through snow melting and the transition
from winter to spring, but though seasons change, her thoughts are still filled
with her love and longing. The volta,
which occurs in the ninth line, where she shifts and talks specifically about
the ability of a place to evoke his memory. With using the rhyme scheme of
abba/abba/cdee/cd, she continues to express her love even though she is alone. With
her shift of the seasons, “The old snows melt from every mountain-side, and
last year’s leaves are smoke on every lane;” show her switch of missing her
loved one to the curiosity to remember where he has been. She fears to go to familiar
places because they will trigger memories, but she also fears to go to new
places, because they remind her she was never there with her. “There is no
memory of him here! And so stand stricken, so remembering him.” While trying to
forget her loved one, she instead is filled with memories of him, and still
longs for her significant other.

            The poem
ends with the speaker still longing for her lost loved one. The tone of sadness
and grief persistently are shown as time continues, but she is not able to move
on as memories keep flooding her. Time does not slowly fade away grief and it
will always stay with you. Many miss a loved one and continue to dwell on time
and while certain places evoke memories, the poem discusses that time sometimes
does not heal wounds. The speaker discusses how difficult a loss can be, but if
one finds a place with no memories, your heart can sometimes be at peace.



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