Current need but the money are need to

Current debates on social enterprise, liberal economic
theory fails to identify between ‘real’ and ‘fictitious’ merchandises. Three
items are focussed on the discussion: labour, money and land (Polanyi, 1957). It is said that labour, money
and land is being assumed as the commodities when labour need to remove from
the collective bargaining wage, money through the currency speculation and land
by putting the prices of natural sources in order to improve the livings.


On the other hand, during the war period money, labour and
land are treated as the commodities but commercials has destroyed the natural
environment (Fukuyama, 1995). Trust will
be different between people around the world and the concept of the social
enterprise will be differ among them.

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In Malaysia, social enterprise can be discuss as
organizations that have a social missions towards the country such as
preventing the environment from any damage. Organizations will involve in this
social mission to make sure that they contribute something valuable towards the
country. There are few organizations that contributes to social enterprise such
as Kaki Seni, Do Something Good, PT Foundation and EPIC Homes.


They are using the business model to sustain themselves in
this social enterprise. The will find the problems that happen in the
communities and decided to help them by organizing the event. Social enterprise
in Malaysia have their own revenue and did not gain revenue from donations but
from their selling of arts, doing HIV tests services and using that money to contribute
in social enterprise.


banking sectors, they allowed people to lend some amount of money to people who
are in need but the money are need to return back at certain amounts. Private
bank are also lend some money in terms of investment for the government and it
is called as ‘out of thin air’. This money will be used for the investment by
the government and being circulated to increase the volume of the dividends (King, 2014).


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