Culture in Amsterdam

Culture in Amsterdam is very diverse and unique; it has a very vibrant scene. Some of this is because of a renewed interest in Dutch culture. Amsterdam is a very musical city, all types of street performers to concert hall performances. There are also many parks that are visited during the day, and are very scenic. Amsterdam Fashions are very unique, unusual shoes, which is common among the rave crowd. Also popular are plaid jackets, anything in orange, in relation to their national color. Wild hairdos with women favoring unique braided styles. Amsterdam Also has very lenient drug policies.

Amsterdam seeks to discourage the use of drugs as much as possible. Where possible the production, transportation and trading in drugs are combated at both national and local levels. An intensive information program is in place on the consequences and risks of using drugs. The police are pro-active on crimes committed by drug users. The stance of the Amsterdam authorities against illegal immigrants who are drugs users reflects the policy of discouragement. In addition, they are actively supported in returning to their country of origin.

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Several aspects of Dutch drugs policy differ from policy in other countries. Hence, the Dutch differentiate their approach to hard drugs and soft drugs. This differentiation has been enshrined in legislation since 1976 whereby possession of hard drugs is a crime and the possession of a small quantity of soft drugs is a minor offence for which no legal action is taken. In this context a small quantity of soft drugs is a maximum of 5 grams. This policy entails a differentiation in approach to soft and hard drugs. Amsterdam has around 300 recognized; so-called “coffee shops” were soft drugs can be purchased. These drugs are usually in different sections in which the purchaser can select exactly what he or she wants, or a special strain.




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