Cordaid a good cause that will resonate with

Cordaid is the Catholic Organization for Relief & Development Aid, with its headquarters situated in the Hague, Netherlands. Cordaid has been fighting poverty and exclusion in fragile and conflict areas for over 100 years and operates in more than 30 countries.Cordaid is supported by 288.000 private donors in the Netherlands. This donor base consists largely of senior members of the age of 60+, meaning their donor relationship is time-limited. Because Cordaid heavily relies on private donations they are also interested in attracting and reaching out to younger audiences. Therefore, Cordaid is setting their eyes on young professionals, 25-35 years old, living in the Netherlands. This target group is in the early phase of their life where they might be at their first or second job, earning a relatively new salary. Cordaid finds a particular struggle in involving this target audience because they are fulfilling and funding their recreational priorities and endeavors with the help of their new salary instead of thinking about donating a fraction of it to a good a cause. Cordaid also believes that young professionals are increasingly likely to choose a good cause that will resonate with an activist approach.  The main barrier Cordaid finds itself up against is the fact that compared to organizations such as Oxfam, Greenpeace or Amnesty International which have successfully gained new donors and  members in the past, Cordaid simply isn’t creating the noise it wants to. In other words, their brand awareness in the Netherlands is very low. The catholic aid organization has yet to create anything worthwhile and stimulating such as music festivals due to their current audience’s age and passive participation. Instead, the organization is left leaving the public the notion that since they are a catholic relief organization, it should be of no or little interest to a younger more active audience. Times are also changing. Monthly donations which used to be the norm have morphed into one-time donations correlating to natural disasters or sudden emotional feelings. With this change in structural donorship, there is a greater risk of weakening the bond they are trying to capture with its desired target audience because one-time donations tend to fail in establishing a connection between an organization and the donator.  This is perhaps the most important factor of all in terms of their marketing efforts. Cordaid aims to not only grab the attention of their chosen target group of young professionals, but to turn that first initial contact into a loyal relationship by establishing connection through a more activist and stimulating approach.


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