Conformity to do the voting. This increases the

Conformity is a
form of social influence by a group of people in order for them to fit in
(McLeod, S. A,2016). Firstly, normative influence which people will follow the
action of others as they are concerned on how others will think of them.

Secondly, informational influence which people find source of information from
by intimating what others are doing. Obedience refers to how people respond to orders given by another
individual which occurs when someone ask you to do something when social
influence causes conformity to occurs.(Conformity and Obedience. (n.d.))

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In Singapore, this theory can be
applied to Singapore Kindness Movement campaign which
known as “Kindness. It’s up to us” and Plaster the Silence campaign. Both
campaign spread awareness to the public. Singapore kindness Movement
transformed bus shelter panels to interactive voting panels in order for them
to collect votes from public and to spread the awareness of kindness. This
shows obedience as each individuals stands in front of the panel to do the
voting. This increases the curiosity of others and conformity will start when
the public gathers up to acknowledge and head forward to understand what the
situation is. Thus, this theory is applied to this two campaign as it become
the successful campaign that spread the news across the public.


This theory can
also be applied in Plaster the Silence Campaign that seeks awareness on the
surrounding and show concern to those who need help by allowing supporter to
download a virtual plaster which allow them to set as their profile picture in
social media .(Tay, V. 2016,
September 06) Local talent and celebrities was part on promoting this awareness
to public. This will lead to obedience as supporters will gather up and
spread the news. In addition, conformity will occur when one does not want to
get criticism from others. One will conform by fitting in with the rest and
changing their profile picture to a virtual plaster. Thus, this awareness will
be spread worldwide when everyone is being influence by changing their profile
picture to virtual plaster and helps those who in needs.


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