Communication Skills in Medical Dr. Office Setting

Communication Skills in Medical Dr. Office Setting

Event – 1

The conversation is being done between a doctor and his patient, in doctor’s room. The patient is there to discuss an issue with the doctor regarding his treatment and the fees that is being charged for that. The patient’s goal of this communication was to make the doctor realize that he cannot afford to pay such a huge amount for his treatment, and therefore the fees should be halved. The patient does not directly asks the doctor to reduce his fees; in fact, he makes use of effective communication skills by first addressing the importance of the treatment that it must be done, or else his health situation would get in danger. Then he goes on to explain his hardships regarding his financial position that he has been facing since the past couple of years; moreover, his voice was humble, tone did had some variations, and miserable facial expressions. Since the doctor was a famous one and treated the patients at his best, so he rarely gave discounts before; therefore, same was the case here where he refused to reduce the fees by half.

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Over doctor’s response, the patient got to know that there would not be much to go in his way; therefore, in order to get even smaller reduction in fees he started the ‘negotiation’ process with the doctor. The body language, tone, and explanations of his financial position were getting in line with the negotiation made by the patient, and that is what actually worked. The doctor first offered to let him 25% off, but since he had proper listening etiquettes so he did considered all the points made by the patient, understood his situation, and agreed to offer him 35% discount on the treatment. I think it was handled pretty well by the patient and as well as the doctor; if the patient would have used the direct approach, he would not have achieved his goal. The patient succeeded because he used effective communication, which is all about communicating the messages in an unambiguous and clear manner (MindTools, 2010).

Event – 2

This is an event where a telephone conversation is going on between a Healthcare professional and staff. The staff includes the two nurses and a doctor’s assistant, who are being given briefed by the health professional over a conference call about the importance of cultural norms, values, and most importantly – equality. The goal of the conversation was to resolve the conflict that has taken place among these two nurses and an assistant, since the assistant gave priority to her relative as compared to others who came before her relative for the treatment. When the professional was guiding them over the phone not to breed conflict among them and advised both the nurses and the assistant regarding their behavior, the staff started squabbling where the tone, accent, and language of the assistant was against the communication etiquettes. Moreover, there was a listening flaw made by the nurses when they did not properly listen to the reasoning gave by the assistant regarding her favoring her relative. It was done because her relative came earlier but went somewhere due to urgency, so as soon as he came he was treated. The health professional played a key role in resolving this issue. He first asked the nurses to provide their statements and reasoning, after which he asked the same to the assistant on which assistant clarified her point that was not in the knowledge of the nurses. After listening to the arguments made by both parties, the health professional again emphasized the importance of equality, cultural norms, and values where no one should be illegally supported nor the conflicts should be given the light in front of the customers, patients, or other staff since it leads to create a bad image of the hospital. Both the parties understood their mistakes and poor way of communication, and vowed not to do that again, and effective communication can benefit the workplace and business in several ways (Hodu, n.d).

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