Communication in Nursing

Communication is essential to human. It is a process of exchanging thoughts and ideas using a channel to send the message. There are now several websites that are accessible and useful to aid in communication throughout people in distant places. In the field of nursing, it plays a significant role. I chose two sites, the first one is a nursing organization site and the other one is a patient information/ consumer health care site.

“Understanding is the best method.” This is the motto advertised by one of the numerous consumer health care sites on the World Wide Web. The site includes detailed information on how to manage our heart and helping every individual to keep it healthy and free from any fatal heart diseases and ailments. It is always good to have a clean and healthy heart, isn’t it? And has it all. It gives information on how to prevent America’s No. 1 killer – cardiovascular disease. And that’s not it; the website also extends a helping hand to those who would encounter a heart attack. Because every second counts, most especially when life-and-death instances occurred such as heart attacks and strokes, the site provides the links and how to get connected with the emergency hotlines such as 911. (Association, 2007)

Indeed, the website, aside from being so accessible, it is very educational. It also features some facts about heart problems – the symptoms, conditions and of course the cure. Navigating the pages and links would lead the visitor to various facts and other significant information about the heart like, thus, making him or her aware about the tragic end that could occur if not given necessary attention especially when it deals with the diseases and factors that could destroy the heart. A click to a hyperlink will bring the visitor to the page he or she wanted to view and explore. In simple words, “Understanding is the best method.”  it is an easy-to-navigate site. (Association, 2007)

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Nowadays, there are modern ways of treatment for the heart attack and stroke patients. They could even have more benefits from these new types of medications and treatments that were once unavailable to them. Regarding the fact that the Medical World is now growing and developing, the website serves as a modern way of connecting people closer to a healthy life. It communicates well regarding its purpose and main objective to make the common people understand how cardiovascular diseases could happen, edify them about the best ways on how to prevent it,  and help the victims to survive from it as well. Also, it encourages the people to support the research, education, and community programs that aspire to have a healthy heart for everyone across the United States and the rest of the world. I would even recommend the site to other students like me, so they can explore what I explored and learn what I learned. And I’m sure they can educate themselves by just clicking. I can even suggest my family, relatives and friends to visit the site. It is important to have a healthy heart and share it with your family and friends. After exploring the pages on the site, I realized that it is important to have a better and clear  understanding about the heart; how to take care of it, the factors that can cause the diseases so we can avoid them, and also the best ways or treatments in case a heart attack occurred – understanding is the best method indeed.

Another educational website to visit is the  AORN is a professional association online that authorizes the OR nurses with education, standards of practice, and also peer networking. On the site, you can browse on several pages or hyperlinks like the Community, Education, Practice Resources, Public Policy, the AORN store and the Career center. The pictures of the surgical or operating practice will be the first thing you can see on the page. The site aims to provide electronic information regarding the practice of nursing. It provides news and articles concerning the latest updates on the said field. It also features story of people who excel in their field and set a good example and inspiration to others. Although the site may look a bit boring due to the choice of colors by the web designer, it is still appealing because it is easy to navigate and explore. (AORN, 2007)

I can recommend the website as an extensive resource material that can be very useful on present and future purposes. It can be very advantageous for perioperative registered nurses to be a part of this organization. I discovered that there is a wide connection or network among the nurses world wide thus, giving them a huge opportunity in their field to connect globally. This would also be very helpful especially for the fresh graduates of nursing. It will provide them sufficient background on the application of their chosen field of specialty. The site has a job search where opportunities are just a click away. (AORN, 2007)

The site also encourages every perioperative nurses whatever or wherever their role in nursing, their respective expertise could be very advantageous and a big contribution to improve safety for surgical patients. AORN also provides the members with competitive education and information. I learned that through some linkages on the site, you can go to different related sites. It provides access to other websites on the same topic. (AORN, 2007)

In this exercise, we can see that communication is very essential to the field of nursing. Improvement on technology has a significant role in providing people to communicate in a more efficient way. Nurses globally can connect through the internet and also acquire useful information regarding the practice of nursing. The two sites, and are just the few examples of websites were we can get information regarding the latest issues, updates, articles, stories and other related and substantial materials for nurses all over the world. Through communication, it gives us wide connection of information and opportunities.


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