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Fashion Style-Showing Identity: A Study of Woman’s OOTD By Using Instagram

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1. Introduction


Fashion became a part that cannot be
released from the style and our daily appearance. Some objects such as clothes
and accessories worn not as the cover of the body and ornaments, more than it
also become a media of communication to convey personal identity. In a further
development not only comes to fashion clothing and accessories of jewelry such
as necklaces and bracelets, but other functional objects that are combined with
elements of a sophisticated and unique design into a tool that can show and
boost the appearance of the wearer. Fashion can be a picture of ourselves to
others. The way of people dressing can be can be one’s self-assessment. In addition,
fashion can be a way to express ourselves.


Modernization of technology, can give
impact on other sectors including fashion. Modernization of fashion can be
interpreted as a cultural change in the sense of a traditional habits become
more modern or follow the changing times. It cannot be denied that many
Indonesian people are oriented to western customs, but what can be said western
culture is already part of our society’s fashion culture and it is impossible
to remove again. Modernization in the field of fashion, takes place very
quickly along with technological developments. The development of technology is
increasingly global, making the style of fast-growing clothes, so the mode that
is in vogue in other countries can be immediately adapted also by local
communities. Fashion that developed so fast, often make a surprise for people
who move in the field of fashion, because it often happens things that had
never been imagined before.


The Internet has become a media of communication between
users to exchange information, share some pictures, and also see the various
developments outside the world through several websites. Today, the Internet is
growing with the social media. Along with the development of social media, the
facilities that can be used by its users to share information one of them is
Instagram. Instagram became one of the most popular platforms on social media
users, especially teenagers. Through instagram, users can upload their photos
and videos, also can share their daily activities through instastory. Instagram
also provides facilities for its users to mutually follow each other’s account,
and also leave the symbol like in the photos they like. Because of this
facility, on instagram users become competitive in uploading their photos on
instagram. Users will choose a photo that can interest anyone to give like on
their photos. The most shared photos are selfie and OOTD (Outfit of The Day).
Most teenagers both boys and girls who have an interest in fashion tend to
share photos that showcase their best fashion. Not infrequently in addition to
getting a lot of likers, they also want to show their identity through fashion
and also want to make the way of how the dressing into a trend that will be
followed by other teenagers. Over time, uploading OOTD photos is no longer just
to get a lot of likers or to be a fashion trend, but also to attract the
attention of endorsers who will give their products for free in order to be
promoted through their instagram account.


Most of today’s youth, including young adults use Social
media on a regular basis. Social
media can affect what we buy, to the clothes we wear, the music we listen to
and even the food we eat. Since the beginning of social media, we have used to
control a certain aspect of our lives; careers, love, friendship, lifestyle,
etc. For teens, they usually used Instagram. They used it as a place to express
themselves and show off a personality and style. Many people get their style
and fashion inspiration from social media outlets. Today, with a click of a
button or a swipe of a finger, people can get information on the latest fashion
and trends. Trends are greatly affected by social media. If a celebrity starts
wearing a certain article of clothing and posts it on Instagram, automatically
millions of people have access to it. Since celebrities have a huge influence
on young people, mixing that with social media can have big influences.
Honestly, it comes down to this; if you spending most of your day staring at
social media and photos, it will affect your identity whether you like it or
not. Young people already are trying to figure themselves out and social media
gives them an easy way to form an identity. Social media can be inspiring when
it comes to fashion and style. As long as you don’t take it too seriously,
social media can be a positive way to create an identity and shape your style,
especially for teenagers.


Instagram has democratized fashion, change the way that
people discover, experience and connect with brands, designers and labels. It
offers both emerging and established brands a powerful opportunity to reach a
global customer base. When it comes to the type of photos that they are likely
to share, selfies and OOTD (Outfit of The Day) come out as most popular type of
photos. Researchers chose OOTD as a phenomenon to be studied to see if OOTD
photo types can describe a person’s identity through the clothes they wear. Most
of the types of fashion that people choose to be OOTD photo is Trendy Fashion.
Trendy Fashion is an up to date style which is related to the technology
phenomenon. Instagram users interested in fashion are also likely to share
photos of other people wearing something they like, as well as posting screenshots
of fashion photos. Because of that phenomenon, the research question of this
research is:

How fashion as a communication can reflects someone
identity through instagram?


This study contributes to
the discussion about audience research especially about the better
understanding about showing identity on social media. Besides that, it also
help the instagram users to become more confident to show their fashion style
on instagram. For the practical thing, it can be as references for people who
want to build their identity through social media by showing their fashion


            2. Literature


The main activity of users of Instagram is indeed
posting pictures, but there is much more to it. People predominantly show
rather than tell on Social Networking Sites. One of the reasons why Instagram
has become so popular is indeed the fact that image prominence provides for the
users’ preference of showing their lifestyle rather than explaining its
characteristics (Zhao, Grasmuck and Martin 2008), thus reinforcing norms and
habits that are only known to insiders. Fashion bloggers have experienced the
medium as the main activity of users of Instagram is indeed posting pictures,
but there is much more to it. People predominantly show rather than tell on
Social Networking Sites. One of the reasons why Instagram has become so popular
is indeed the fact that image prominence provides for the users’ preference of
showing their lifestyle rather than explaining its characteristics (Zhao,
Grasmuck and Martin 2008), thus reinforcing norms and habits that are only
known to insiders. These users communicate by presenting themselves in a
particular way to appeal to specific target communities or types of users.
Group and consumer identities are thus stressed over personally narrated ones.
But before one reaches out to these public spheres, one commonly starts with
following their inner circle. This behaviour is considered to be normal, as
social networking sites are, in the first place, used as a tool to maintain
established connections (Bouvier 2012).

The preferred practice on the platform is
replicating others’ content and (Burke et al. 2009) using similar popular poses
and items in the pictures with accompanying trending hashtags. The popularity
of a certain subject is, therefore, easily measured by how often a hashtag is
used by other users. The hashtags #fashion and #style are both within the
top-30 of most frequently used hashtags on Instagram at the moment (Hashtagig
2015). Searching for #fashion gives 250,434,089 hits and #style will show you
no fewer than 163,664,949 pictures. Fashion bloggers have experienced the
medium as a successful addition to their spread of popularity. Some of them
have even established their fame solely through posting pictures on Instagram
in the first place and do not keep a regular blog on a website. Having a
popular Instagram account is established through various social and cultural
notions such as authenticity, identity and the rise of the lifestyle consumer

Symbolic Language of Dressing

most people clothes usually highlight certain characteristics of the wearer,
but the manner in which information is structured is not always known and the
interpretation can vary. Whereas proposed by Lurie (1981) that clothing is a
full visual language with a distinct vocabulary, probably it is more similar to
music or poetry, where yielding clear concepts depends on the emotional mood of
the person (Dodd, Clarke, Baron, & Houston, 2000). The code of that
language, while it uses visual and tactile symbols of culture, it does that in
a suggestive and ambiguous way, thus the resulting notions of the main elements
of the code (fabric, color, shape, volume and contour) are always volatile
(Davis, 1992). It would be wrong for somebody to think the dress code as the
isomorphic equivalent of language. The dress code is semantically more
ambiguous and indeterminate. Except in the case of uniforms, dressing usually
suggests and implies much more than it optically states, thus approaching music
rather than declarative speech (Davis, 1989). Anne Hollander (1995) argues that
even the nudity is a form of apparel and clothing has the same dialectical
relationship with the body, like language with clear thinking.

With the choice of clothing it is not expected for
all the encoded rules encoded to be understood by this selection. The ambiguity
of the dress code is a result of the temporary and capricious nature of
fashion. On the other hand, the code is heavily influenced by the context in
which it occurs, and its messages depend on people’s identity, circumstances,
places and even moods.

Social Media and Instagram

Social media is a rather new phenomenon and due to
its fast spread and its importance on major subjects and events, it has
attracted the attention of the research. Correa, T., Hinsley, W.A, & Gil de
Zúñiga, H., (2009) defines social media as digital media, as opposed to
traditional media, where people connect, communicate and interact with others
(Correa et al, 2009). Instagram is a form of social media that also contains
these elements with the only particularity that it is solely focused on image
sharing, even though the photos shared can be “tagged”, different words can be
attached to the photos and identified with different words related to the

Instagram is one form of social media but other
significant social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, will not be
disregarded. Thus, these are only three out of a wide range of similar
platforms people use in an attempt to accentuate and convey a particular
impression of themselves. That is to say, these are all elements that people
use in order to build themselves, to be themselves, share what they are and
what they are doing. Additionally, establishing social connections is
positively linked with establishing a social identity.

Fashion Blogger Identity

Fashion bloggers who are active on Instagram have to
strategically create and maintain an online identity. As Refinery29, the
fastest growing independent fashion and style website in the United States1,
mentioned in May 2015 already: ‘more than traditional fashion bloggers, popular
Instagram users have built their followings around their individual
identities’. A ‘distinct aesthetic’ which makes these bloggers authentic, is
essential for such an individual identity as it attracts a certain audience.
Essential for creating such an identity is so-called self-branding, a
self-presentation strategy that requires viewing oneself as a consumer product
and selling this image to others (Marwick 2015, Hearn 2008, Lair, Sullivan and
Cheney 2005).



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