Collection for filteration process, that was actually done

of leaves of berberis lyceum

of b.lyceum were collected from of district kotli,azad Kashmir during the
months of april and may 2017.the plant specimen  collected, was identified by
—————,department of botany, must , bhimber campus and also the local residents
of that area from where it was collected. the specimen was preserved in the
biotechnology department of MUST mirpur campus for further use and interrogation.

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when collected



the sample was collected, the piled up leaves of about 600g were first washed
to remove the dust and then left for about 2 and a half weeks to get dried. when
the leaves were fully dried , converted into finely powdered form with the help
of grinder (usually used at home).


powdered sample was of weigh about 400g.  Then this powdered leaves were soaked into  methanolic  solvent with the powder to solvent ratio of
1:3 likewise as reported by Napar et al.,(2012).this solution was shaken well
to get it blend and left for about a week at room temperature. This extract had
been shaken regularly three times, for a week. After , when it get settled ,
the extract was taken for  filteration
process, that was actually done by using muslin cloth at first and then whatman
filter paper no.1 (commonly used in labs) and saved in 50ml falcon tubes. The filterate
was then further evaporated using rotary evaporator at 44°C and then extract
was stored at 4°C for further investigation.


A: powdered leaf extract B: purification of sample C: rotary evaporator


 Determination of
antibacterial assay:

of sample:  

one gram of the dried extract of the sample was diluted with 5ml of methanol
(solvent) to prepare a stock solution of about 5%  m/v. this solution had been used for
antibacterial activity against various bacterial strains. The methanolic extracts of B. lyceum was experienced next to
representative Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. 


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