Client’s diet

Nursing for many is an art of nurturing the sick, an act of compassion delivered with the hope of improving or maintaining the health condition of a person and helping them meet their own therapeutic self-care demands. While there are many existing theories and models of nursing, I have formed my personal philosophy with the guidance of the philosophies of Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson. I believe that the delivery of a mind-body-soul treatment and care is best achieved when the environment is transformed to assist a patient in his recovery.

Caring is a personal response that promotes health more than just curing. It is the moral ideal of nursing that goes beyond human feeling, concern, thoughts or desire. When human care emphasize on achieving the harmony of the mind, body and soul, there will be a high regard and reverence for a person and human life. However, healing and wholeness will not be achieved without keeping the client warm, maintaining a healthy environment and attending to the client’s diet by assessing his intake, appropriateness of the food and its effect on the client.

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Deficiencies in the environment may hinder the development of a client’s potential and his ability to bring about self-knowledge, self-care and self-healing. In my years of nursing care experience, my personal philosophy and goals have also been influenced by my principle to recognize the uniqueness of each individual and to accept them not as they are now but also for what they may become.

Although I have the nursing skills, knowledge and commitment, my fulfilment in creating a nurturing environment that hastens or contributes to recovery and develop the clients’ potential that enable them to choose the best action for themselves at a given point in time is enormous. Making a difference in the lives of adult patients by extending excellent nursing care, promoting health awareness and providing relief and peace to those who are afflicted with terminal illness and those who may be in the final threshold of their life is my passion and commitment to this profession.


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