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Cleopatra was born 69 B.C, in Alexandria.  She was partial Romane, and partial Egyptian, and she had four siblings, with these names-Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator, Ptolemy XIV of Egypt, Arsinoe IV of Egypt, Berenice IV of Egypt.  Her parents’ names were Ptolemy XII Auletes(dad) and Cleopatra V Tryphaena(mom). Eventually her brothers tried to kill her, so she fled to Syria with her sister, Arsinoe. She eventually went back to Alexandria and met Julius Caesar, who she married not too long later. In 44 B.C, Julius was stabbed to death by more than 60 conspirators, including his old friend Brutus. Not too long later, she meets Mark Antony, who immediately falls in love with her. Side note – each mentioned person she married had different gods, Julius’ god king was Zeus, while Mark’s king of gods was Jupiter.  Throughout her rule, she had to help the Romans. When she fell in love with Mark, they had continuous parties. In late 32 B.C., the Roman government stripped Antony of all his titles, and Octavian declared war on Cleopatra. In September 2nd of 30 B.C, Octavian battled Antony and Cleopatra in the battle of Actium. Octavian defeated Cleopatra in the battle of Actium, so she fled with some ships. Antony followed her with what little he had left. After Octavian invades Alexandria, Antony heard a rumor that Cleopatra had committed suicide.  He committed suicide, just as the rumors were proven fake. He “fell on his sword”.  On August 12, 30 B.C., after burying Antony and meeting with Octavian, Cleopatra closed herself in her chamber with two of her female servants.When Octavian tried to stop her from committing suicide, she was already dead. The way she died is not quite pinpointed, but Plutarch and other writers emphasized the theory she killed herself with an asp, a snake that symbols royalty.  To meet her wishes,she was buried next to Antony. Taposiris Magna is thought to be where Cleopatra and Antony are buried, but it’s only recently been discovered by archaeologists. It is in the city Per Usiri, meaning “dwelling of Osiris”, in which is thought to be where the Egyptian king of death, Osiris, was dismembered by his brother, Seth.


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