Choco concluded that the youths are the most


Full is a business in the confectionery business with the aim of making Chocolate bars. With a proposed location in
Hobart, Australia, Choco Full plans on providing customers with high-quality products at prices while striving
on meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations without affecting the
company’s sustainability.

            Starting with
one office at the outskirts of the town, the Company plans on being the most significant brand in the business and
plans on expanding to the neighboring cities and globally within ten years. The primary target group for the products is the youths aged between sixteen and
twenty-six years.

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Basing its success on the four P’s of a marketing plan, Choco
Full’s will emphasize the great taste and quality of the chocolates with
strategies set on gaining and retaining new customers. Additionally, the
chocolates will be sold at pocket-friendly
prices while ensuring that the company makes a profit.
Choco Full aims at starting its operations by July this year, with its first
batch of chocolates ready for sampling and sale by mid-august. As a way of evaluating success, the company
plans on collecting and analyzing
feedback from the customers, reviews from other stakeholders as well as the response from competitors. Choco Full caps its
benefits on the competitive advantage it has over other companies and that is
on the lower pricing, packaging while capitalizing on the taste and quality.Selection of Target

done by the marketing team found concluded that the youths are the most elusive
and valuable customers in the chocolate business. Presently, most teenagers are aware of the benefits of healthy
eating and snacking. At the same time, a majority of these teens live with their parents and guardians who
equally influence their choices to some extent. A majority tend to first check
the quality of the products before passing it off to those in their custody. Consequently,
these parents and guardians may end up purchasing the chocolates for their
consumption. With a general market shift from sweets to chocolates, many will
also realize that the energy gained from a single bar will leave them with a
feeling of being full longer than when they consume other confectioneries.

Choosing the right target market is crucial because it
enables the business focus on those customers with high probable for sales
growth, those with a potentially high interest in the product and those with
high dependability to the brand (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2013, p. 172). In fact, target groups help businesses direct their
resources into knowing what their potential customers need, where they need it,
and how and when they need it (Bloomsbury
Publishing Plc, 2013, p. 206).  Such information helps them come up with
suitable marketing and advertising plans that will make them successful. Lastly, the youths are an excellent
marketing channel as they tend to share their discoveries
with their peers. This way, demand for the chocolates will increase thus
increasing the company’s revenue at the same time.



            Developing a positioning strategy
helps a business focus on the customers’ perceptions, the competitors in the
market and the changes in the business market (Burrow
and Fowler, 2015, p. 196). Moreover,
factors such as age, sex, personal preference and psychology influences the
choices made by customers (Stevens, Loudon, Wrenn &
Mansfield, 2013). Some
customers have preferences that are neither pegged on quality or brand making
them easy targets. Choco Full plans on adapting the differentiation positioning
strategy. Having it in mind that several names
already exist in the market with some having a more
significant market share than the others.


Choco Full plans on surpassing the similar
brands with standard attributes by coming up with unique features that will
give it a competitive advantage without compromising on the quality. Meaning
that since Choco Full targets on the youth, plans on having a distinctive image
that stands out in their minds will go a long way rather than concentrating on
ousting their competitors.

Positioning Map/s


Marketing Mix Strategies


have for a long time been knows as mood enhancers with those who consume some
chocolate per day believed to live longer than others. The main benefit of
Choco Full Chocolate is that they will be
of high quality than others in the market and have the ordinary the sugar free variations.  All chocolates will have sufficient
quantities of cocoa butter and vegetable fat that will prevent it from becoming
sticky at room temperature. Sugar-free
chocolate has more antioxidants, have fewer calories are full of flavonoids that are good for the heart. Flavonoids are also vital because they help in preventing cancer.

The main ingredient used in the Choco Full chocolates is the high-quality cocoa sourced ethically and
blended with 100 % natural ingredients, with no added preservatives. Other components will include milk, sugar, cocoa butter, vegetable fats (palm, coconut, shea),
e442 and e476 emulsifiers and different natural flavorings
like caramel, mint, fruits, currants and nuts. Choco Full plans on adding secret
ingredients during the particular
production of seasonal chocolates.

Packaging has four functions which include containing and protecting products,
explaining the product storage, use, and
assisting in recycling and minimising environmental damage (Ferrell &
Hartline, 2013, p.209). Each chocolate will have a
wrapping with an aluminum foil lining laminated with wax to preserve the rich flavors and prevent
contamination during packaging and distribution. Handling such packaging is
easier thus prevent puncturing. Aluminium also prevent heat from getting into
the bars and stop them from melting when in contact with heat. Choco Full
chocolates will have different weights of
thirty-five grams, fifty grams, seventy-five grams, a hundred grams, one
hundred and fifty grams and two hundred and fifty grams. The different weights
will match the different sizes of the
chocolate bars produced.

The two leading
augmentation associated with Choco Full chocolates are the different sizes
offered and seasonal packaging as outlined below;

Defining the
product attributes

New Product Attributes

Resulting Consumer Benefit


Choco Full
plans on having a variety of sizes
which includes the single, double, triple bars and all with variations of
small, medium and large sizes. The different sizes will have different prices
thus advantageous to the customers.

Seasonal Packaging

New designs during festive
seasons will help customers pass their wishes to their friends and relative. Choco Full plans on capitalizing on the seasons and joyful happening within the year and has packaging designs for Valentines, Easter,
Birthdays and Christmas. Festive chocolates will also have a surprise



Choco Full chocolate has settled on penetration method as their primary pricing strategy.  Penetration
strategy works best for the business because it gives them and chance to review
their pricing after a while based on the feedback it receives from the market.Furthermore,
the input provides them a chance of earning through market entry sales and offers
the customers an opportunity to create a relationship between the product and
the price (Rajagopal, 2013, p.101). Consequently, Choco Full plans to price its
bars at the almost the same margin the quality chocolates in the market without
compromising on the quality or making losses.

Choco Full understands
perfectly that within their target group, there are those who price will never
be an issue to them and better still, they prefer expensive items as a way of
preserving their social class thus most often associate the overpriced product with high quality. The mouthwatering taste, different sizes and
affordable price will therefore give Choco Full an added advantage in the youth
within this category.  


Promotion is an essential
marketing strategy related to product positioning because it increases the
visibility of the item. Promotion
differentiates the product from others present in the market and gives the
intended customers more information about the product (Withey, 2013, p.77). With a tagline of “sensation in every bar”, Choco Full
aims are reaching more clients by organizing for store promotion, advertising
on social and print media, television, billboards, offering free samples. Having
sale stands at gatherings where most of the youths frequent like in schools,
social functions and near cinema halls among other venues will also give them
an added advantage.

Conduction store promotions at the major stores and shops
frequented by the youths will give the customers a chance of having a free bar
of the equivalent size of the chocolate purchased. The second bar will also be
a different flavor giving the customers a
chance to sample all the available chocolates. Such promotions will also take
place at various time intervals giving
the customers an illusion of the possibility of missing out on the offers and
at fewer prices. Another strategy applied
to the store promotions will also include
offering free samples to the customers. Store attendants will target the youths
for the free tasting and if best ask for direct feedback from them before they
leave. Free samples will encourage those who tasted purchase the full bars due
to the irresistible flavors.

Choco Full plans on using the different forms of advertising as
the primary promotional strategy for the
chocolates and makes them accessible among the youths. Print adverts in magazines popular with the teenagers including school magazines will raise
more awareness on the chocolates. Placing catchy adverts on the billboards and posters especially in areas
where the kids frequent like schools,
cinema halls will make them curious about the chocolates giving them the urge
to purchase. Offering information with attractive
graphics on youtube, blog and company’s website, will provide the readers with an opportunity of
learning more about the different varieties available and other benefits
associated with the bars. Finally, given
that most of the teenagers spend a good portion of
their time on social media, having an advert
on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
might be a more accessible channel for reaching these youths.



or distribution strategies make products available to customers whenever and
wherever they need them (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2015, p. 28).  Choco Full plans
on using the Push model of distribution since being new in the market, the push
strategy will give it better chances of testing the fresh chocolates in the market. Choco Full has a small track that
is well branded and will be used to provide transportation during the
distribution process. Additionally, the push strategy will create product exposure in potentially large retail
environments and encourage retailers to promote the new product.

To start with, soon after production, the
chocolates will be sent to the warehouse for distribution. From the storeroom, the bars will be shipped
directly to distributors and wholesalers such as confectionary stores, then to
retailers like school canteens, convenience shops, supermarkets, specialty stores and drug stores. Customers
will then purchase the chocolate bars in the retailers. Choco Full also plans
on setting up an online store where customers and retailers will order online
and have the products directly delivered to them.


of distribution model


and Control


Evaluations and controls are essential
aspects for consideration when developing a marketing plan. Assessments and inspections
measure the plans general objectives and determine
how the strategy’s actual performance compares to the projections (Kotler,
Burton, Deans, Brown & Armstrong, 2015, p.77). Furthermore, a good
evaluation plan lists the objectives,
check the performance standards, compare
results against the set rules and finally
advice on corrections and alterations. Measures used by Choco Full for the
evaluation of the objectives of the plan include the analysis of monthly sales,
customer satisfaction growth and expansion of market rates. Choco Full has
monthly sales targets for the marketing and sales department and evaluation
will help know if teams can meet objectives.
Again, getting feedback from customers through random surveys will improve the
management see whether they are on the
right track towards achieving its goals.


Evaluation of choco full chocolate





To create competitively priced products that are of
high quality

Return on investment


Sales and marketing manager

To meet and exceed customers’ expectations

Customer perception of the

Monthly for a start then bi-annually

Marketing manager


& Schedule


Implementation and scheduling is a fundamental process of the marketing plan as
it shows the sequence and order that activities take place. Implementation
schedules ensure that tasks are completed within the shortest time possible
using optimal resources. Having an implementation plan help businesses avoid
ambiguous processes and prevent time
wastage. Choco Full plans on implementing its strategies and activities in
three phases namely the preparations phase, production phase and the evaluation
phase all in one year.

The preparations phase involves coming up
with the different chocolate bars together with their recipes, the preparation of a budget, hiring of staff to assist in the implementation of the plan and the
identification of the target market. Additionally, here is where the management
comes up with a promotional and distribution strategy
and identifies the possible retailers and distributors for the final product.
The second phase involves the actual production of the chocolates and
advertisement and promotion of the final products. During this stage, the real
product is rolled out into the market, and chocolates stocked in the different stores ready for sale. The last step
of the evaluation and review of the milestones and challenges met and from the
results, solutions are formulated to counter the problems.

Gantt Chart















Market Research


























Hiring key personnel


























Product Production


























Product launch


























Promotion through different advertisement channels


























Product Distribution


























Customer feedback













Online Surveys













Free samples


























Evaluation and analysis





















































and Recommendations   


Every business needs a well-set
marketing plan for its success. Marketing
plans function as written guides for a
business to follow in promoting and supporting its products and services
(Baker, 2014, p.35). Planning the marketing strategies allows companies to be
proactively involved in the success of its sales. Good marketing plans guide firms into drafting practical procedures that
will ensure that the company has right
product that caters for the customer’s
needs and are available when and at locations where needed (Westwood, 2013,
p.4). For a successful marketing plan,
several aspects need to be incorporated which includes a stated mission
statement, an analysis of the company’s Strengths,
Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
(SWOT analysis), and a marketing budget plan.

  A business’ mission statement gives an outline
of the company’s goals, objectives, vision and values, defines the target
market, states the company’s values and benefits
to the customers and the proposition decision
made by the organization (Nijssen & Frambach, 2013, p. 94). Mission
statements also show what makes the business unique from the rest in the same
line of business.

SWOT analysis gauges the capability of the
business in meeting their objectives. It also checks whether the company has enough resources that will keep
them in business. Strengths and weaknesses form internal actors while
opportunities and threats depict external
factors influencing their capabilities to meet the customer’s needs. Strengths
show the business’ competitive advantage
and capture the unique features of the
products. Weaknesses show limitations that may hinder the successful
implementation of the strategy. Opportunities indicate
the gaps available within the market while threats show the barriers or
obstacles. Matching the strengths and opportunities while converting threats to
opportunities and weaknesses to strengths
helps the businesses create a stronger
business foundation (Pride & Ferrell, 2016, p.30). Finally, having a budget
plan helps the business create a plan in
advance of how they intend to spend on activities (Bickhoff, Hollensen & Opresnik, 2014,
p. 130). Budgets give a company the forecast of whether they
have enough monetary resources and know how
to prioritize on the expenditures.


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