Children work during the progressive Era . The

Children younger than 5 years were forced to work during the progressive Era . The major social issues of the time were widespread. They affected the people in negative. Child Labor , Woman right , Minor Civil Rights . The major social giving issues were improved by women’s voting rights protection for children and minorities gained in civil rights.Children worked rose dramatically , reformers worked to protect workers and to end child labor . Businesses hired children because they performed unskilled jobs for lower wages and because children’s small hands made them more adept at handling small parts and tools. Immigrants and rural migrants often sent their children to work because they viewed their children as part of the family economy. 1904, the National child labor committee sent investigators child labor committee congress passed the Keating-Owen Act that prohibited the transportation across state .( Classroom packet ) Woman is the leaders in the movement to reform social welfare , public morals and race relations , Participating of educated women strengthened existing reform groups and helped forge new one also since women did not have a political voice without the vote , many women sought to improve conditions in homes and work. Susan B Anthony help the cause of women she was a leader in the fight for Women’s suffrages. Anthony co-founded the national woman’s suffrage Association  with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Social and economic effect did higher education have on women . The slow movement towards social and economic parity for women had the effect of empowering women to take risk and choose lifestyles that went against the mold of the accepted.(Classroom packet)W.E.B Du Bois coordinated a national civil rights conference in Niagara Falls , in NY in 1905 and he co-founded the National Association for the advancement of colored people , (NAACP) in 1909 he led the niagara movement to promote the full liberal arts of education of black Americans. He advocated an immediate end to segregation and discrimination and full americans .He advocated and immediate end to segregation and discrimination full equality for black americans . This helped the women because they in social issues because its all equally now woman can work , vote just like men . Child Labor helped a lot kids can get treated like kids now they not forced  to work . civil rights its equally now everything is going back to normal


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