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Child abuse is a misfortunate  that happens all around the world. Many adults abuse children  for no reason. The kid can be watching tv, and still be abused for doing nothing. In Forged By Fire Jordan abuses his ” kids,” Angel and Gerald. Some kids that are still young, even die from abuse. Child abuse can be caused for many different reasons. Some parents may be going through stress which can cause abuse. Also, they can have drug and alcohol problems or lack of parenting skills. Child abuse is when a parent or guardian causes injury, death or serious harm to a kid. There are many types of abuses such as physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and more. Usually kids who still live with their parents be abused. Unfortunately nobody can stop it and more adults keep doing it. In the book Forged By Fire, by Sharon M. Draper,  Angel and Gerald have been physically and mentally abused several times. Jordan has abused them throughout the book when being innocent. Jordan would abuse Gerald if he didn’t grab him a beer quick enough. He even threatened to kill Angels cat by putting it in the oven in chapter 10 (Draper 68). Gerald and Angel still stood up to Jordan after being abused. Towards the end of the book in chapter 23, there was a fire in the apartment and Jordan had died after abusing Gerald a few minutes before. The novel compares to other stories of kids being abused for doing nothing wrong. Child abuse is very common all over the world. On average, the USA loses about 5 kids a day from child abuse and neglect. In the novel, Jordan was sentenced to jail for 6-10 years for abuse. Even when he came back he still had abused Gerald and Angel. Unfortunately child abuse is an event that can’t be stopped and people still do it to this day. There is no reason to abuse innocent young kids! It isn’t fair that children have to deal with getting injured and even passing away from being abused by their parent. I have seen many movies/books where kids be abused and it is very sad. I am totally against it and it should be stopped now! Parents should be in jail for life for doing this to kids.


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