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Chiang Mai on Wednesday accustomed its longest all-embracing air hotlink with the accession of Qatar Airways’ beginning ceaseless flight from Doha. .Qatar is the latest all-embracing carrier to serve the arctic Thai city, one day afterwards basic Vietjet Air started approved flights from Ho Chi Minh City-limits to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai became the fourth Thai city-limits served by the banderole carrier of Qatar, which has fabricated bolder moves than added above Gulf carriers to strengthen its Thai footprint. Qatar on Wednesday confirmed the earlier-announced plan to commence on a fifth ceaseless route, Doha-U-tapao, starting on Jan 28, 2018. That account will action four flights a anniversary on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner,with 22 seats in business chic and 232 seats in economy. Chiang Mai, as one of the hosts of bulk of new all-embracing routes commenced by Qatar this year, is served four times per anniversary from Doha with an Airbus A330-200 wide-body jet with 24 seats in business… class and 236 seats in economy. The accession of Qatar to Chiang Mai was hailed by Thai authorities as giving a above addition to the province’s tourism, abnormally by creating absolute day-tripper flows from the airline’s Doha hub affiliated by added than 150 all-around destinations formed in Qatar’s network. Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said Qatar’s Chiang Mai barrage will abutment TAT’s drive to draw cartage from the country’s key tourism markets in Europe, the US, throughout… the Middle East into Chiang Mai via Doha. Monthanik Rakngam, accepted administrator of Chiang Mai airport, which welcomes added than 2 actor visitors a year, said Qatar’s accession will enhance the airport as a above aperture to arctic Thailand. There are 21 all-embracing airlines confined Chiang Mai airport, abutting to 24 across cities. Many of them are in China as Chiang Mai is one of the a lot of accepted destinations for Chinese tourists. However, the Doha-Chiang Mai flights will be operated by Qatar on a melancholia basis, with the accepted time anatomy active from Dec 12 until May 2018, and will resume already afresh for the winter 2018 season… in October 2018 Qatar’s Chiang Mai account will yield the airline’s absolute account abundance to Thailand to 60 flights a week, from 35 times a anniversary to Bangkok, 14 times a anniversary to Phuket and circadian to Krabi basic on Dec…1 this year. Qatar has added access with Thailand than its Gulf rivals Emirates and Etihad Airways, which both apply on confined Bangkok from their home bases in Dubai and Abu Dhabi In the endure four months, Qatar has additional its casework with its aggressive amplification programme, which has apparent destinations in Eastern Europe accretion to cover Skopje in Macedonia, Prague in the Czech… Republic and Kiev in Ukraine, as able-bodied as Adana in Turkey.  


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